ICCB Frequently Asked Questions

Why does ICCB cost more than previous years?

ICCB is comparable to other meetings such as the meeting of the Ecological Society of America, and less expensive than many. 
Because of budgetary problems and travel freezes in the US, the meeting is being held in Baltimore to allow the many U.S. government conservation officials and NGO representatives on the east coast of the U.S. to attend more easily attend. Although SCB is an international organization, the majority of its members reside in the US, especially on the east coast. International meetings rotate around the globe. The last time ICCB was held on U.S. soil was in 2007. 
However, Baltimore is an expensive venue, which effects the registration fee – but hopefully the overall travel savings and convenience for the largest proportion of SCB members make up for this. Also, government and NGO budget cuts around the world have meant that SCB has received less in sponsorship than it has previously and there are not enough funds to fully subsidize the cost of the meeting. What little we have raised has largely gone towards helping to support travel awards for developing country participants, which I am sure all would agree is a priority.
Nevertheless, we have budgeted the meeting throughout to break even, not to make a profit, and this has meant that some of the goodies and frills that conferences often have, have been pruned down, to pass on savings to our members.
No - you may attend pre-congress sessions (20-21 July) without registering for the full congress (22-25 July). Complete this form to register for pre-congress sessions only (no online registration).
Can I submite a late abstract?
ICCB is very competitive and the Local Organizing Committee cannot accept late abstracts.  
Can my co-author present my presentation? 
Yes - but only if your co-author is not presenting anything themselves. Per ICCB policy: one registration = one presentation. 
Organizers of pre-congress sessions do not pay a fee to attend their own workshop, short course or focus group. However, starting this year, all pre-congress organizers who wish to attend the full congress must pay the ICCB registration fee according to their registration type (developed country, developing country). This new policy is a directive from the SCB Board of Governors, which decided last year that the cost of the congress should be covered by registrations.