Information for Moderators

ICCB moderators and symposium organizers should read the following information carefully to ensure your sessions proceed smoothly and  in a timely manner. 

Moderators and Symposium Organizers
Moderators and symposium organizers are responsible for keeping time sessions to ensure synchrony among sessions. Please arrive at your session a little early to check all speakers are present. Start session on time even if it appears that not everyone is there yet. Moderators are asked to note any absentee presenters from their session, using the form provided in the session room.  At the start of the session, moderators should announce all cancelled talks.
Please do NOT move the program forward when a paper is cancelled. Moderators can use the time from a cancelled talk for questions or discussion.
Contributed Oral Presentations
Oral presentations are limited to 15 minutes: 12 minutes for the presentation, and 3 minutes for questions. Moderators will introduce the speaker and be provided with two time cards. The first card is to be shown to the presenter after 10 minutes have elapsed (to let the speaker know there are 2 minutes left for presenting and 3 for questions), and the second at 12 minutes (to let the speaker know the question period should begin). The moderator will stand up after 14 minutes have elapsed, giving the speaker 1 minute to wrap up all presentation material or to finish questions. 
Please remember to:  
  • Have at least one question ready for each talk, and
  • For the benefit of those sitting further back, be sure that speakers repeat questions from the audience, especially those from front rows. 
The symposium organizer will act as moderator for their session, according to their symposium schedule. 

Speed-talk Sessions
Presenters of speed-talks will give a 4 minute presentation during the session. In some sessions, the session will start with 15-minute oral presentations and ten move into the speed-talks. Speed presenters will also give a poster presentation during a dedicated speed-poster session (24 July).
Moderators must keep strict time during the presentation portion of the speed-talk sessions, to ensure each speaker receives 4 minutes of presentation time. Moderators will introduce the speaker and will let the speaker know when 2 minutes and then 3 minutes have elapsed. At the end of the talk, the moderator will then introduce the next speaker. There will be no question period during the presentation portion of a speed session. Moderators should remind the audience that they can talk to the presenters during the break and at their poster stations.