Photo Ayesha Tullock (center) won the Student Awards Competition at ICCB2011 in New Zealand

Ayesha Tullock (center) won the Student Awards Competition at ICCB2011 in New Zealand

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ICCB Student Award Competition

At each International Congress for Conservation Biology, students are encouraged to submit extended abstracts for the SCB Student Awards Program. Abstracts are rated for: 1) relevance to conservation, 2) scientific merit and 3) presentation (that is, did you follow the format and was it well-organized). 
The ICCB Student Awards Subcommittee will select 12 finalists to present their oral papers at the 26th ICCB. Student Award Competition judges attend all the talks. Monetary awards are given to all finalists. Current students and students with a graduation date of 30 January 2012 or later are eligible to apply.
Student award candidates (restricted to 15-minute oral presentations: no posters or speed with poster presentations) must submit two abstracts, an extended AND a standard abstract. Before submitting your abstracts, you might review SCB's advice on writing an abstract for a conference presentation. Both abstracts must be for the same study and share the same title and authors and should be formatted according to the instructions provided.
Abstracts will be accpeted until 6 February 2013. Visit the Call for Abstracts page to learn more and to submit your abstracts for the ICCB Student Award Competition. Please read instructions carefully. Abstracts that are not submitted according to the guidelines stated on the Call for Abstracts page will not be accepted. In recent years, the rejection rate has been approximately 85%. Many abstracts have been rejected simply because these instructions were not followed.
Review of Abstracts for Selection of Finalists:
The regular abstract will go through the overall meeting review process.  Abstracts will be selected according to the same criteria as non-SCB Student Award candidates. The extended abstract will go through a review process reserved to SCB Oral Presentation Award Candidates with selected reviewers.
To be accepted as a student finalist and present as a Student Award Finalist at the 2013 ICCB both abstracts need to be accepted.
More on the Call for Abstracts page.