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SCB Graduate Student Research Fellowship Awards

SCB will allocate awards funding in 2019 to support ten Graduate Student Research Fellowships for student members of SCB. 

The SCB Global Awards Committee will allocate 10 x $1,000 fellowships. The Committee will evaluate applicants on merit, and with respect to geographic, topical, gender and other aspects of conservation diversity. 

  • Call for Applications: 21 March 2019
  • Deadline to Apply: 26 April 2019
  • Award Amount: $1,000 USD total
  • Notification of Winners: May 2019

Graduate Student Research Fellowship Awards will support field work, including travel, materials or equipment required to conduct research by graduate student members of SCB.

Students must demonstrate financial need toward completion of graduate degree and graduate research must contribute to SCB’s mission to advance the science and practice of conserving Earth's biodiversity.

The fellowship is designed to support early or mid-stage graduate students who need assistance with costs toward field expenses in order to complete their degree. Read about the 2018 Graduate Student Research Fellowship Award winners

How to Apply


  1. Completed application form* (Formulário de aplicação preenchido)
  2. Short CV (max 2 pages)
  3. Proof of active membership in SCB
  4. Proof of university enrollment for the calendar period January-December 2019 (e.g., scanned copy of a university student card, registration fees receipt).
  5. Letter of support from primary supervisor, mailed separately to awards@conbio.org with your name in the subject header.

*The application to apply for an award will be placed online when the call for applications is announced.

Submitting Your Application Package

Your application and letter of support should be sent separately to awards@conbio.org.

If possible, please package your application, CV and proof of university enrollment into one PDF document in this order: application form, CV, proof of university enrollment. Name the file so that your surname and first name are in the file name (ie Doe_Jane_GradAwardApp).

The letter of support should be sent in a separate email with your name in the email subject header (ie Jane Doe Letter of Support). 

If you cannot package your application materials into one PDF document, then please be sure to include all materials (application, CV, proof of university enrollment) in one email with your name included in the file name of each document (ie Doe_Jane_application; Doe_Jane_CV; etc). The letter of support should be sent separately as noted above. 


Applicants will need to complete the Graduate Student Fellowship Award Application, which requires a description of the applicant's research project, a budget justification that explains what the funds will be used for and how the fellowship award will support completion of the applicant's graduate degree, and a statement about the applicant's service to SCB (conferences attended, chapter participation, committee support / volunteerism, etc.).