2022 SCB Graduate Student Research Award Winners

The Society is awarding ten graduate students with $1,000 fellowships this month to carry out field research on their topic area in conservation.

This year’s winners were selected from an applicant pool of 36 students, from all SCB sections, whose projects ranged from improving our knowledge about drivers of biodiversity loss to strategies for restoration and management.

“The judging panel felt very excited about the projects submitted this year, which included approaches from the biological and social sciences. Unfortunately, a final decision had to be made to choose this year’s awardees, so we encourage those who were not selected this year to continue their important work”, SCB Board Member and Awards Committee Chair, Eduardo Gallo-Cajiao said. “This cohort of awardees represents projects at the forefront of conservation science with great potential for having an impact on conservation scholarship and practice.” 

The Graduate Student Research Fellowship Program is in its seventh year and is supported by Wiley, the publisher of SCB journals Conservation BiologyConservation Letters and Conservation Science & Practice.

“The projects do not only concern a wide range of themes, but also a wide range of dimensions within the biodiversity spectrum. While some of the projects aim to evaluate and inform the implementation and performance of conservation strategies, such as incentive tools and behavioral change, others focus on biodiversity conservation beyond protected areas, including human-animal interactions and food production systems. Importantly, the projects address conservation needs of a range of taxa with high priority, such as the Wied’s marmoset, the African manatee, and the Chinese pangolin” Eduardo said. “We wish all awardees a successful completion of their projects and look forward to seeing their outcomes”.

Congratulations to the winners:

Fiennes Sicily, UK; Auguste Renoir, Trinidad and Tobago; Ramakrishna Ishika, India; Clinton Factheu, Cameroon; Meghan Shaw, Australia; Alaya Keane, USA; Joseph Hamm, UK; Nischal Shrestha, Nepal; Alejandro Grajal-Puche, USA; George Malembo M'manga, Malawi.