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SCB 2018 Regional Sections Congresses

SCB's Regional Sections represent various geographic regions and disciplines around the globe. The Sections strive to facilitate conservation biology and educate groups in their specific regions or disciplines. In order to do this, symposia are often organized at SCB Global Congresses, but Sections may also sponsor their own Regional Congresses.

The first Regional Congress was held by SCB Asia Section, in 2005, in Kathmandu, Nepal, and was followed by the first European Congress of Conservation Biology (ECCB) of SCB Europe Section held in Eger, Hungary. The attendance at Regional Congresses varies from hundreds to thousands of participants, depending on their location. Many Sections are planning Regional Congresses in the near future that you can find listed here. Hope you will join us!

Upcoming 2018 Regional Sections Congresses:


North America Congress for Conservation Biology (NACCB)

Conservation Science, Policy, and Practice: Connecting the Urban to the Wild

Westin Harbour Castle Conference Centre

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

July 21-26, 2018

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