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ICCB 2017 T-Shirt Design Contest
Make a lasting imprint on ICCB 2017 by creating the design for the official Congress t-shirt! 

Giada Maugeri submitted the winning design for the ICCB-ECCB 2015 t-shirt, which played on the congress theme (Choosing new paths for conservation) and the congress location.

The ICCB 2017 t-shirt design contest is an open contest for anyone 18-years and older, including novices, amateur artists and professionals (designs by kids younger than 18 must be submitted by a parent or guardian.) The winning design will be printed on the ICCB 2017 t-shirt, which is available for purchase through the ICCB 2017 registration system and onsite at the Congress.
Finalists will be selected by the ICCB 2017 Communications Committee with the ultimate winner determined by a vote through ICCB social media channels. The person who submits the winning design will receive a free ICCB t-shirt and a two-year membership in SCB and will be recognized at the ICCB 2017 Opening Ceremony.  
Designs are due by email by 1 May 2017. 
Your design must be accompanied by the ICCB 2017 T-shirt Contest Entry Form. Submit your designs (and questions) to iccbtshirt@conbio.org. Please use the subject line "ICCB T-shirt Contest." 
Design Preferences
Designs that play on the unique cultural, natural, or geographic features or characteristics of Cartagena or Colombia and / or the theme of ICCB  2017 will have the best chance of being advanced as a finalist. The Congress theme is "Insights for sustaining life on Earth."
Contest Guidelines
  1. The design will be printed in one-color and in one shade only 
  2. The design will be printed on a light colored t-shirt unless the artist indicates that a dark background works best (see entrance form).
  3. Designs may include line art and text but no photographs. 
  4. T-shirt designs work best when you use simple, iconic imagery and strong, clear lines/edges rather than literal interpretations (i.e shading, photo images, etc).
  5. Your design is for the front of the shirt and may encompass an area no larger than 10” x 10.” 
  6. The design must be your own original, unpublished work and must not include any third-party logos or copyrighted material. By entering the competition, you agree that your submission is your own work.
Please note: SCB shall have the right to edit, duplicate, or alter the entry design for any purpose which it deems necessary or desirable, without the need for any further compensation, and/or permission. Submissions including offensive language, imagery or themes will be excluded from competition.
Submitting an Entry
  1. Digital entries only. High-resolution images in VECTOR format are preferred, with .ai (Adobe Illustrator) or .eps (Adobe Illustrator) formats the optimal entry type. All type must be converted to outlines/curves. We will also accept PDF or JPEG files that are not vector files but may be converted for production.  If your design is hand-drawn it must be scanned and converted into a PDF or JPEG file.
  2. All submissions must be accompanied by the official ICCB 2017 T-Shirt Contest Entry Form.
  3. SCB reserves the right to make adjustments to the winning design. Typically this would take place when converting a design to vector format / resizing the design / altering fonts and lines.