Conference Steering Committee 

With primary responsibility to coordinate and oversee the whole conference. 

  • Co-chair: Bengt Gunnar Jonsson (SCB-ES President)
  • Co-chair: Mikko Mönkkönen (Local Organizing Committee)
  • Co-chair: Janne Kotiaho (Scientific Committee)
  • Atte Komonen (Communications Committee)
  • Stefan Kreft (Conference Policy Committee)
  • Stephanie Januchowski-Hartley
  • Nuria Selva
  • Jenna Purhonen (Diversity Officer)
Local Organizing Committee 
  • Chair: Mikko Mönkkönen
  • Janne Kotiaho
  • Janne Seppänen
  • Jenna Purhonen (Diversity officer)
  • Jouni Taskinen
  • Panu Halme
  • Atte Komonen
  • Maria Triviño
  • Merja Elo
  • Maiju Peura
  • Linda Mustajärvi 
  • Eini Nieminen
  • Emilia Lampi
  • Elina Leskinen
  • Taru-Maija Heilala-Rasimov
Scientific Committee

With primary responsibility for the scientific program of the conference. Including abstract reviewing. 

Communication Committee 

With primary responsibility for outreach prior to the conference (including webpages, and social media) and to administer media contacts during the conference.​

  • Atte Komonen (Chair of Communication Committee)
  • Stephanie Januchowski-Hartley (SCB-ES)
  • Elina Leskinen (Local Organizing Committee)
  • Anikó Kovács-Hostyánszki (SCB-ES)
  • Maria Berg (SCB Nordic Chapter)
  • Nadia Castro-Izaguirre (SCB-ES)
Sponsor and fundraising Committee

With primary responsibility to coordinate fundraising efforts by own initiative and by reaching out to BoD members and others for identifying and approaching potential sponsors. Oversight of sponsorship policy.

  • Janne Kotiaho (Local Organizing Committee)
  • Maylis Derousseaux (SCB-ES)
  • Bengt Gunnar Jonsson (SCB-ES)
Conference Policy Committee

With primary responsibility to identify and coordinate policy initiatives during the conference. This includes identification of SCB policy priorities to be showcased and to evaluate and coordinate potential policy statements from the conference.

  • Chair: Stefan Kreft (Chair SCB-ES Policy committee)
  • Francisco Moreira (SCB-ES)
  • Petra Mihalic (SCB-ES)
  • Maylis Derousseaux (SCB-ES)
  • Anikó Kovács-Hostyánszki (SCB-ES)
  • Atte Komonen (Local Organizing Committee)
Diversity officer

ECCB Diversity Officer works together with all of the committees with the mission to encourage more inclusive outreach, education and funding initiatives to ensure a more equal, equitable and inclusive ECCB. Ultimately, the Officer is working to ensure that all activities developed for ECCB are responsive to the diverse needs and capabilities of all SCB members.

  • Jenna Purhonen