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Best student presentation awards

Oral and poster presentations during ECCB2018 are eligible for the best oral presentation award and the best poster presentation award if the presenting author is a student. Selection is based on the quality of the research presented, the originality, clarity and style of the ideas. Based on the abstract evaluation scores, an initial set of high-quality abstracts are selected by a panel prior to the meeting. After the presentations, the best oral and the best poster presentation is chosen and awards are given at a ceremony held at the end of the congress.

A Presentation prizes was awarded to the following participants listed below, congratulations  to award winners!

Oral presentation awards

  1. Tahneal Hawke, Using historical data to highlight population declines in the iconic Australian platypus 
  2.  William Morgan, Conspecific attraction boosts local density while causing lags in range expansion despite high dispersal ability: experiments with a reintroduced endangered mammal
  3. Di Zhang, Assessing the effectiveness of protected areas in southwest China using alternative approaches

Poster awards

  1. Lovisa Nilsson, Multifunctional flower strips - does such a thing exist? 
  2. Andrea Leng, The impact of freshwater mussels (order Unionoida) on river bed characteristics and sediment flux: A flume-based study
  3. Eini Nieminen, The potential biodiversity effects of voluntary peatland conservation in Finland
Student Blogging Contest

Win the prizes by sharing your conservation story on the Society for Conservation Biology - Europe Section blog! More about this contest at the SCB-ES General Assembly on Thursday, 14 June at 15:30, C1 Hall

Dear students,

Last year Europe Section of the Society for Conservation Biology (ES-SCB) created a Student Blogging Contest with the aim to engage and connect students to the broader conservation community while enabling them to acquire and/or sharpen some useful skills and to promote conservation topics in social media.

Submission: Submit your blog post “pitch” (max 200 words) to SCB Europe Section by 29 June 2018

To this e-mail address:

Evaluation: SCB Europe Section will select three “pitches” based on following criteria: how interesting would the topic be to the conservation community,  the coherence of the writing and the creative angle of the story being covered. The three selected authors will be invited to submit a full blog post. Selected authors will be contacted by 06 July2018! 

AWARDS: All three authors invited to submit a full blog post for the SCB ES Blog will receive an one year membership to SCB & 100$ cash

We are looking forward to read your blog stories!

P.S. It does not matter if you are not student from Europe or if your story is not set in Europe, the true purpose of this contest is to encourage student to share their conservation stories, gain some social media skills and promote biodiversity conservation!