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Conference Excursions




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The conference attendees will be able to enjoy the excursions to the most beautiful natural sights. You have great change to enjoy breath-taking views and the atmosphere and experience the long Finnish summer nights. We offer shorter and longer pre- and post-congress activities, including low bugdet ones. You will have the opportunity to reserve your space when you register for the conference. If you are bringing a guest, you will need to purchase an additional ticket(s) separately.

Lake district and the Saimaa seal (2 days, 1 night, post-congress)

Description: Relative to its area Finland has more lakes than any other country. Lake Saimaa (4 400 km2) is the heart of the Finnish lake district and the home of the Saimaa ringed seal, a relict of the last glaciation. This excursion to Linnansaari National Park will introduce conservation of the Saimaa ringed seal, endangered salmonids, white-backed woodpecker and chequered blue butterfly. The participants will also learn about management peculiarities in national parks in the midst of inland lakes. Attendees can participate in a sightseeing cruise and island hopping, or relax fishing, canoeing, stand up paddling, and of course visit sauna. Saimaa ringed seals are likely to  surface and ospreys will circle the skies. Livevideo from the islet where the Saimaa ringed seal sunbaths regularly. 

Ilkka Hanski memorial trip to the archipelago and Åland islands (3 days, 2 nights, post-congress)

Description: With its 40 000 islands the Finnish archipelago is the world´s largest archipelago and the home of several unique biotopes, including coastal meadows, coastal lagoons etc. This trip starts from Jyväskylä right after the congress (Saturday morning) and continues until Monday evening through the archipelago, ending at the famous Åland islands, the home of Ilkka Hanski´s Granville fritillary butterfly studies. From the Åland islands the attendees can fly to Stockholm or Helsinki or take an inexpensive and pleasant ferry trip if they have more time. The trip will be guided by scientists from the Metapopulation Research Center, and an archipelago specialist from WWF Finland. 

Jewels  of the taiga (3 days, 2 nights, pre-congress)

Description: Finland is the only truly boreal country in Europe, with both pristine and degraded taiga landscapes. This excursion will show typical boreal biotopes. Some of the most representative conservation areas with large open bogs and pristine boreal forests will be visited and each day includes a  wilderness hike. Conservation challenges will be demonstrated at peat excavation sites, managed forests and restoration sites. The attendees will have a good chance to experience characteristic taiga wildlife including wild forest reindeer, golden eagle, capercaillie, etc. The tour will be guided by experienced field biologists. This is a low-budget trip with hostel style accommodation.

Hardcore birding, with a flavor of large carnivores (3 days, 2 nights, pre-congress)

Description: This excursion to the wilderness of Kuusamo, north-eastern Finland, provides an opportunity for serious birders to complete their species lists with several taiga rarities, such as Siberian jay, orange-flanked blue tail, little bunting and owls. The picturesque taiga landscape is also worth a visit in its own right. If you are interested in wildlife photography, we can organize a midnight-sun-coloured night in a bear hide.

Aquatic conservation (1 day, pre-congress)

Description: This excursion is focused on different aspects of local aquatic conservation, including visits to sites illustrating river channel restoration, to fish hatcheries in relation to fish conservation and rearing of fish for stocking lakes to support sustainable recreational and commercial fishing, and to Konnevesi biological research station in relation to mussel conservation. The excursion also includes a visit to the Kuusaankoski rapids. 

Primeval taiga and restoration (1 day, post-congress; easy access)

Description: This excursion to the Seitseminen National Park introduces some of the best remaining pine-dominated primeval forests and natural peatland in central  Finland. This excursion visits forest and peatland restoration sites. The trip is easy to moderate, and has good accessibility for disabled, even for wheelchairs.

Morning birding (half day, pre-congress and during the congress)

Description: Birdwatching trips to nearby sites, guided by local ornithologists. Very early morning so that participation is possible before the congress program starts. Includes a visit to a lake and to a forest.  

Island hopping and fishing on Lake Päijänne (1 day, pre-congress)

Description: A one day easy going trip to Lake Päijänne, a 120km long island-spotted lake next to Jyväskylä. The trip includes short stops at a few islands and a possibility to catch pikeperch, perch or pike. All these fish species are included on the green list of WWF Finland and the local populations are stable. Lunch will be prepared on an open fire and includes the freshly caught fish if possible.