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In addition, there are a lot of happenings in Jyväskylä! Go and see the museums, visit a Finnish baseball game or enjoy the music provided by many events in Jyväskylä summer. You may also enjoy the clean nature of Finland by having a picnic in a park, playing some frisbee at the grass or swimming in the lakes.

Jyväskylä Tourist Information is located in Asemakatu 7, opening hours Mon 10am-5pm., Tue-Sun 10am to 4pm.

  • The city offers though-provoking, youthfully unpolished and distinctive culture experiences. Finnish standup is said to originate in Jyväskylä. In addition to professional theatres, there are also many amateur theatres, internationally successful choirs and dance art companies with a nationwide reputation in Jyväskylä.
  • Jyväskylä is the home city of the world-famous architect Alvar Aalto. The region boasts around 30 buildings designed by Aalto, more than anywhere else in the world. All of his styles are represented, from his earliest works through to achievements in the latter stages of his career. In the master architect’s footsteps we travel from classicism to functionalism, from brick architecture to monumentalism. The Alvar Aalto Museum is a specialist museum of architecture and design and a national and international centre for information on Aalto.
  • The city and its surroundings also feature a number of museums and beautiful churches, including Petäjävesi Old Church, which has gained inclusion on UNESCO’s world heritage list. There are three nationally significant museums in Jyväskylä: the Alvar Aalto Museum, the Craft Museum of Finland and the National Costume Centre of Finland, and the Aviation Museum of Central Finland.
  • Jyväskylä is also proud of its symphony orchestra, Sinfonia Finlandia Jyväskylä, that features an international ensemble of professional musicians. There are also many choirs and theatre groups in the city, several of which enjoy an international reputation. Jyväskylä City Theatre caters for a range of theatre experiences every week.
  • Toivola Old Courtyard is one of the most unique attractions in Jyväskylä, taking you back in time to the late 19th century. Toivola Old Courtyard consists of seven beautiful wooden buildings, serving as artisans’ workshops, boutiques and a museum. In addition they offer workshops, guided tours for groups, exhibitions and bike rental. Café Muisto serves light lunch and an impressive selection of fresh pastries and cakes. Located in Cygnaeuksenkatu 2.
Nature and recreation
  • Jyväskylä is situated at the northern end of scenic Lake Päijänne in the heart of the beautiful Finnish lake district. Lake Päijänne, the second largest lake in Finland, offers a wide range of recreational options for inhabitants and tourists alike. One third of the lake is located within the area of the City of Jyväskylä.
  • Central Finland’s varied and unspoilt nature starts close to the city and attracts people with different interests all year round. Possible activities during the summer include hiking, biking, boating and fishing. There are also several golf courses in the region.
  • Located right in the city centre is the Lutakko harbour with cosy restaurant ships and inviting sauna-rafts. It is also conveniently located for taking a lake cruise or a hiking trip along the Rantaraitti route. This highly popular pedestrian and cycling route circling around Lake Jyväsjärvi attracts both locals and visitors with its magnificent view over the lake. The route also features interesting art experiences.
  • Harju ridge is a pine forest haven in the middle of the city with many beautiful paths and trails for pedestrians. The main route from the city centre to Harju runs through the majestic Nero stairs at the top end of Gummeruksenkatu. On top of Harju, Vesilinna tower serves as an observation tower with magnificent views in all directions, as well as the location of Vesilinna Restaurant and the Natural History Museum of Central Finland.
  • Tourujoki Nature Trail lets you experience the serenity of wild Finnish nature just a hop away from the centrum. The trail runs through Tourujoki nature reserve. The river valley has very exceptional vegetation compared to any other places in the city. This verdant broad leaf woodland is located right next to the center of Jyväskylä, offering recreation for busy hikers as well. There are information boards along the path, introducing the plants of broad leaf woodland, water protection and cultural history of the area. The trail is only 700m long but it has many stairs, as well as duckboards. Located in Tourukatu 25.

A visit to Finland is nothing without a traditional, relaxing sauna experience. If your hotel does not offer sauna facilities, numerous smaller saunas and smoke saunas can be found in the city and in its immediate vicinity.

Read more about saunas in Jyväskylä area and see This is Finland's sauna tips and facts.

Things to see and do

Jyväskylä offers a great deal to see and do. The city possesses numerous museums and beautiful churches which are well worth a visit. In summer various guided tours, either on foot or by bus, are arranged. These provide an opportunity to explore the work of Alvar Aalto, for example, or Jyväskylä’s attractive green spaces. Further information about:

There is also four themed routes that you can explore: The Aalto RouteThe Sports RouteThe Express Route and the Dinner with light. On the city centre pedestrian street visitors will find a tight network of services, shopping options and recreational venues. Shops, cafés, restaurants, theatres and museums are located close to each other to form an easily managed whole.