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Registration to excursions has closed on March 23rd 2018.

Terms of cancellation: Cancellations must be received in writing. A EUR 30 processing fee will be applied to refund requests made by 23rd of March 2018, eventual bank charges will also be deducted. The refunds will not be given for cancellations received after the given deadline nor will they be given for failure to attend any events. Refunds will be issued via the original payment method used and will be processed within 30 days if the refund is approved. Please contact the secretariat at regarding all cancellations. Should a field excursion however be cancelled, the registered participants will be informed and the excursion fee in full will be refunded.

Freshwater conservation (1 day, pre-congress), June 11th 2018 

Description: Relative to its area, Finland has more lakes than any other country. This excursion is focused on different aspects of local aquatic conservation. The excursion includes visits to Kapeenkoski rapids (river restoration and cultural history site), Konnevesi Research Station (conservation of the endangered freshwater pearl mussel Margaritifera margaritifera), Siikakoski rapids (fish farm pond turned into a spawning site of brown trout), Finnish Natural Resources Research Institute at Laukaa (maintenance of threatened salmonids), Kuusaankoski rapids (restoration of log floating channel) and Kuhankoski fish way. 
Cost: 70 € includes bus transportation, lunch and coffee with snacks. Minimum 10, maximum 40 participants. 
Schedule: Full-day excursion on Monday 11th June. Starts at 9:00 AM, lunch at Konnevesi Research station 12:00-13:00 PM, return to Jyväskylä at 4:00 PM. 
Other: Coffee at Varjola by the Kuusaankoski rapids. Organizers prof. Jouni Taskinen and river restoration expert Anssi Eloranta

Hardcore birding (3 days, 2 nights, pre-congress), June 9th – 11th 2018 (cancelled)

Description: This excursion to the Liminka Bay wetland in Oulu region and to the wilderness of Kuusamo, north-eastern Finland, provides an opportunity for serious birders to complete their species lists with several taiga rarities, such as Siberian jay, orange-flanked blue tail, little bunting and owls. The picturesque taiga landscape is also worth a visit in its own right. A professional bird guide will plan and guide the field tours. Participants can send a wish list a priori, but we cannot guarantee that it is possible to fulfill all wishes.
Cost: The cost of this three-day trip is 985 €/person, including hotel accommodation (2 nights in double rooms, single room extra 90 €/person), lunch and dinner on Saturday, breakfast, lunch and dinner on Sunday, and breakfast and lunch on Monday, as well as minibuss transportation during fields trips and all the way to the conference center in Jyväskylä and professional guide for 8 hours on Sunday and Monday morning each. Participants have to cover their travel to Oulu and refreshments during field trips. Finnair and Norwegian have direct flights to Oulu from Helsinki. Minimum 4 participants, maximum 6. 
Schedule: Participants will be picked up from Oulu airport on Saturday at noon or later. Accommodation will be on Airport hotel. Depending on arrival time, it is possible to visit Liminka Bay wetland already on Saturday evening independently (not included in the trip cost). On Sunday morning (ca. 03:00-11:00) we have a guided visit to Liminka Bay wetland and may spot owls and other birds in the region before heading to Kuusamo at Sunday noon (non-stop drive time 2 h 45 min). On Sunday evening it is possible to observe birds and experience nature independently. Accommodation in double rooms in Sokos Hotel Kuusamo. On Monday morning (ca. 03:00-11:00) we have a guided tour around Kuusamo with a focus on taiga birds. After the Monday morning bird watching, participants will be driven to Jyväskylä via Kajaani and Kuopio (non-stop drive time 6 h 45 min). 
Other: Trip is easy to hard, as you wish.  

Jewels of the taiga (3 days, 2 nights, pre-congress), June 9th – 11th 2018 

Description: Finland is the only truly boreal country in Europe, with both pristine and degraded taiga landscapes. This excursion will show typical boreal biotopes. Some of the most representative conservation areas (Salamajärvi national park, Salamanperä strict conservation area, Pyhä-Häkki national park) with large open mires and pristine boreal forests will be visited and each day includes a wilderness hike. Conservation challenges will be demonstrated at peat excavation sites, managed forests and restoration sites. The attendees will have a good chance to experience characteristic taiga wildlife including wild forest reindeer, golden eagle, capercaillie, etc. The tour will be guided by experienced field biologists. This is a low-budget trip with hostel style accommodation. 
Cost: This is a low budget three-day excursion, 190 € per attendee including accommodation, transport, guides and food (breakfast x 2, field lunch x 3, dinner x 2). There won´t be any additional costs during the trip. Minimum 10, maximum 30 participants.  
Accommodation: The accommodation is hostel style and takes place in Salamajärvi national park, in Koirasalmi. Single rooms are not available; most of the rooms are for three or four persons. The accommodation includes also an access to lakeside sauna on both evenings.  
Schedule: The trip starts from Jyväskylä on Saturday (June 9th) at 9 AM, meaning that participants should spend the previous night in Jyväskylä. If participants want to leave some luggage to Jyväskylä, the organizers show a safe place close to the congress venue. The trip ends on Monday afternoon (June 11th) at 5 PM, giving participants enough time to have a shower and participate on the ice-breaking cocktails at the congress venue. Between these bounds the schedule is rather flexible, but days will be full of outdoor activities.  
Other: Each day includes a hike of about 5-15 kilometers. Relatively good physical condition is needed for the hikes.  

Lake district and the Saimaa seal (2 days, 1 night, post-congress), June 16th – 17th 2018 

Description: Relative to its area Finland has more lakes than any other country. Lake Saimaa (4 400 km2) is the heart of the Finnish lake district and the home of the endemic Saimaa ringed seal, a relict of the last glaciation. Attendees of this excursion enjoy a boat cruise in Linnansaari National Park and may spot the Saimaa ringed seals to surface. On the main island Linnansaari, conservation of the Saimaa ringed seal, white-backed woodpecker and chequered blue butterfly will be introduced. The participants will also learn about management peculiarities in national parks amid inland lakes. In Linnansaari, we explore the island nature while walking a 7 km nature trail; there are also 2 km and 5.5 km options. Scientists and national park personnel will introduce different conservation activities in the park. The day will end with a traditional dinner by an open fire. Depending on the final schedule, there might be time to relax by fishing, canoeing, stand-up paddling, and visiting a wood-heated sauna with a separate cost. We will inform about these possibilities later for registered participants. 
Cost: The cost of this two-day excursion is 180 € (double rooms) or 220 € (single rooms) including hotel accommodation (1 night), food (lunch and dinner on Saturday and breakfast on Sunday), bus and boat transportation, and expert guiding. Minimum 10, maximum 20 participants. The excursion ends at Helsinki airport, so participants will save the separate travel cost from Jyväskylä to Helsinki. This excursion is kindly supported financially by the LIFE Saimaa Seal (LIFE12NAT/FI/000367)Metsähallitus kindly provides expert guides.   
Accommodation: A comfortable and ecological accommodation is offered by Oravi Apartments, situated in the village harbor close to a restaurant and a shop. Every room has a private entrance, WC, shower, hair dryer, kitchenette, TV and drying cabinet. The hotel is heated ecologically with geothermal heating. Free of charge for hotel guests: sauna and wireless internet connection. 
Schedule: The trip starts by bus from Jyväskylä 16th of June, early Saturday morning. We head towards Linnansaari National Park. After the excursion and an overnight in the vicinity of the park, the bus takes the participants to the Helsinki-Vantaa airport, where we arrive at 15:30, 17th of June.   
Other: Walk along the nature trails is easy to moderate, depending on how much you want to walk. Linnansaari main island has a fairly easy access paths.    

Primeval taiga and restoration (1 day, post-congress; easy access), June 16th 2018  

Description: Finland is the only truly boreal country in Europe, with both pristine and degraded taiga landscapes. This excursion to Seitseminen National Park introduces some of the best remaining pine-dominated primeval forests and natural peatland in southern Finland. The excursion visits forest and peatland restoration sites. Trip is easy to moderate, good accessibility for disabled, even for wheelchairs. 
Cost: 100 €. Includes bus transportation, guide services, lunch with dessert and coffee, and some refreshments. Min. 10, max. 20 people.  
Schedule: The trip starts by bus from Jyväskylä early Saturday morning, 16th of June. After a 2.5 h drive we reach Seitseminen National Park. First, we visit Saari-Soljanen trail, which introduces boreal peatland. Then we have lunch at the cooking shelter near open fire. After the lunch, we visit Multinharju primeval forest, which is a well-preserved example of natural taiga forest. Finally, we visit restoration sites and afternoon refreshments are served. In the late afternoon, we head to the city of Tampere (1 h) where we arrive so that participants can catch the 17:02 train to Helsinki-Vantaa airport (arrival 18:42). From Tampere, there are also direct flights to some European cities. Please note that the connections from Tampere are not included in the excursion fee. Staying overnight in Tampere, the 3rd largest city in Finland is also a good option (see recent article in The Independent). 
Other: Trip is easy to moderate. In addition, we offer a partly separate programme for those who have mobility impairments and persons using wheelchairs. Accessible toilet facilities are available during the lunch and the afternoon refreshment breaks (dry toilets)Metsähallitus kindly provides expert guides. 

Ilkka Hanski memorial trip to the archipelago and Åland islands (3 days, 2 nights, post-congress), June 16th – 18th 2018 (cancelled)

Description: With its 40 000 islands the SW Finnish archipelago is the world´s largest archipelago and the home of several unique biotopes, including coastal herb-rich forests, seashore and dry meadows, wooded pastures and coastal lagoons. The excursion goes through the unique archipelago and ends at the famous Åland islands, the home of Ilkka Hanski´s Glanville fritillary butterfly studies. From the Åland islands the attendees can take an inexpensive and pleasant ferry trip to Helsinki or to Stockholm. The trip will be guided by scientists from the Metapopulation Research Center, and an archipelago specialist from WWF Finland. 
Cost: The cost of this three day excursion is 480 € (580 € in single rooms), including hotel accommodation for two nights, bus from Jyväskylä and ferry travel to the Åland island and food (mostly in restaurants; dinner x 3, lunch x 3, breakfast x 2, coffee x 2). The excursion ends in Mariehamn, Åland, and the cost of travelling from there to Helsinki or Stockholm is not included in the price. 
Participants: Minimum 20, maximum 30. 
Accommodation: We will stay for two nights in Hotel Brudhäll on Kökar island. Each room is shared by two persons (single room option on request) and has own bathroom and free WiFi. Most of the rooms offer a view of the sea and small harbor. 
Schedule: Saturday morning 16th of June to Monday evening 18th of June. The trip starts by bus from Jyväskylä early Saturday morning. We travel through mainland Finland and the archipelago to the island of Kökar where our hotel is located. After accommodation and dinner there will be a guided walk on a nature trail near the hotel. On Sunday, we will travel by boat to visit the islands Idö and Östra Långskär. Idö is an island of traditional rural biotopes, including mesic and dry meadows, wooded pastures, and herb-rich forests dominated by deciduous trees. Cattle maintain these valuable habitats for many rare and threatened plants, animals and fungi. On Östra Långskär you can feel the atmosphere of outer archipelago and see the traces of the latest glacial period: uplifting islands and skerries that are composed of 2000-million-year-old bedrock or sand, gravel and stone. Between the rocks and stones there are hollows with lush vegetation of great diversity. In some places, calciferous soils nourished by shell remains and deposits of limestone support special biodiversity. We will have picnic lunch on one of the islands, and dinner back at the hotel. On Monday morning, we will take a ferry to Åland main island. We will start with lunch in Mariehamn and then go a few kilometers south to Nåtö Biological station and nature reserve, where we will walk in the wooded meadows. After that we will go north to Finström to visit a typical Glanville fritillary butterfly (Melitaea cinxia) habitat patch. Next, we will enjoy a coffee break and then continue to visit the ruins of a 19th-century Russian fortress in Bomarsund. In the evening, we return to Mariehamn for dinner and some free time. You may choose to take an overnight ferry from Mariehamn to Helsinki (departure 22:55 on Monday, arrival 9:15 on Tuesday) or to Stockholm (departure 4:30 on Tuesday morning, arrival 9:50). You can also stay in Mariehamn for one or more nights and take the ferry in the morning, or a flight on Tuesday evening. Please check for ferries or for flights. 
Please note: This trip is easy to moderate, depending on how much you want to walk. Participants should be able to step onto a medium-sized boat as well as busses.