Never been to Finland before? No worries, you can find useful info here.


Can one sleep during the night if it does not get dark?
Foreigners might have some difficulties just after the arrival but you also get used to it. Hotel rooms are always equipped with thick curtains, so you can really make the room very dark and sleep well.

Will I see the Northern Lights?
In Lapland, the Northern Lights can be seen from early September to early April and in the South from early August to May. You can only see the Northern Lights when it is dark, so do not attempt to spot them during the Midnight Sun. 

Do you tip in Finland?
No, in general you do not tip in a restaurant, taxi or hotel in Finland and nobody is expecting any extra in addition to the sum in the invoice.

Is the tap water drinkable in Jyväskylä and Finland?
Yes, and it tastes really good. The quality of Finnish tap water is much better than the water you can buy in bottles.

Taxi services in Jyväskylä
Taxis in Finland are highly regulated with maximum fares set by the government and a limited number of licenses granted to serve each municipality. As a result taxi services are available even in rural areas at the same prices as in towns, but the maximum prices are in practice the minimum prices, too. Taxis can be usually be found waiting at the taxi poles in the center of the city. In case of a taxi cannot be found or you need to order it in advance, the taxi service number in Jyväskylä area is +358 10 06900. Remember to book a taxi beforehand to the Jyväskylä airport by calling to a number +358 100 6900. There is currently no bus service from the airport. Taxis accept payments in cash (euros), but credit and debit cards are preferred. They use wireless payment terminals to verify card transactions so that debit cards will also work. All taxis will provide a printed receipt as a matter of course.

Will my credit cards work?
Accepts all credit cards (Visa, Euro card, MasterCard, Cirrus and EC) at most major stores, hotels, and restaurants. Credit cards can be used to withdraw cash from any cash dispenser marked with the Otto logo throughout Finland 24 hours a day.

What electric outlets are used in Finland?
All electrical appliances need a European two pin adaptor.

Isn't Finland really expensive?
Helsinki is the least expensive of the Scandinavian capitals. Alcohol is heavily taxed though, which makes it relatively expensive. Clothing will be expensive, but their design is superb and worth paying the extra. The currency in Finland is the Euro (€).

What clothes should I take with me?
In summer the climate is pretty nice but not overly warm, so bringing a light coat while taking the summer clothes you’d take for any other trip will help. Finnish people tend to dress in a fairly casual style. You probably need something long-sleeved to wear on cooler days and in evenings. 

Getting around in Jyväskylä?
The easiest way of getting around in Jyväskylä is on foot or by bicycle. Bikes are the preferred choice of transport for many people in Finland. Bike tracks are separated from cars and they’re everywhere. 

What is Finnish food like?
Finnish food is seasonal and each season has its own menus and delicacies. In summer, a lot of berries and vegetables are eaten and fresh strawberries, potatoes, peas, cucumber and tomatoes are particularly popular and can be bought from all market stalls. At this time of year, desserts are often made of fresh berries such as blueberries and cloudberries. Potato makes up a large portion of the Finnish diet in any season.

How to enjoy a Finnish sauna?
The quiet calm and the soothing heat of a sauna are designed to help you relax, but if you or your friends are unsure about how to behave in a sauna then that relaxed frame of mind and body can be difficult to achieve. There is no one right way to bathe in the sauna. One of the main things to remember is to take your time and enjoy the experience.

What souvenirs can I buy in Finland?

  • Finnish chocolate and sweets are very tasty and quite unusual. Fazer chocolate comes in a variety of different flavours. Another Finnish delicacy is Salmiakki, a salty liquorice type of sweet.
  • If you like kitchenware or decorative items, look no further than the high quality glassware and ceramics produced by Iittala or Arabia.
  • If you like Scandinavian clothing and fabrics, you should look at the products made by Marimekko, that feature bold colourful designs.
  • For jewellery, look no further than unique Kalevala designs that include necklaces, ear-rings, cufflinks, bracelets and more, all inspired by the Finnish nature and wildlife.
  • If you or your children are fans of the Finnish characters Moomins, you should take the opportunity to purchase a few Moomin mugs, plates, etc.

What are the Finns like?
The Finns are friendly, calm and laid-back people. Finns are more reserved than the inhabitants of other countries. Be friendly but not overly persistent and they’ll be friendly too. A drink or two always help for socializing. Once you become closer friends you can be more familiar with them. 

What do for fun?
As well as sauna, Finns love the outdoor living. In the summer months, popular activities include cycling, hiking, roller-skating, canoeing, relaxing in summer cabins, sailing/rowing on lakes, fishing and generally enjoying the fresh air and the beautiful scenery.