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ICCB 2023 Volunteers

ICCB planning committees play an important role in helping to organize, promote, and manage ICCB. 

Sharing responsibilities across a network of committees, volunteers work on several planning aspects to ensure robust programmatic content, a safe and welcoming environment for all attendees, student advancement and professional development opportunities, and more.
Committees are a great way for employers to up-skill staff and for individuals to make a difference for biodiversity conservation and leave their mark on ICCB 2023. Volunteers gain new career boosting skills in project management, team building, and event organizing while helping SCB deliver a forward-looking Congress that will shape the future of conservation.

ICCB is not a success without the volunteers who make the meeting the best it can be for all attendees. Our call for volunteers is currently closed. However, we're always interested to hear from you if you'd like to contribute to the Congress. If you're interested in volunteering, please send us an email and indicate your preferred committee. 

  • Communications Committee: Working in concert with the SCB communications manager, develop communications messaging around the ICCB theme and content presented at the Congress and implement social media strategies that raise awareness about ICCB 2023, connect attendees to one another, and drive engagement with the broader conservation community before, during and after the Congress.
  • Development & Fundraising Committee: Working in concert with the SCB Director of Communications & Membership and the Chair of ICCB 2023, the Development and Fundraising Committee seeks and secures Congress sponsors and exhibitors and funding for travel awards.
  • Education & Student Affairs Committee: Working in concert with the ICCB Steering Committee, Local Organizing Committee, and the SCB Awards Committee, develop and manage student advancement and social events and short-course and professional development opportunities; and manage the student presentation/poster judging process and awardee selection.
  • Equity, Inclusion & Diversity Committee: Working in concert with the SCB Equity, Inclusion and Diversity Committee, implement initiatives and activities that include and encourage participation of historically underrepresented groups; ensure a safe and welcoming environment at ICCB; and identify resources (e.g., child-care services, breast-feeding areas, family and non-gender restrooms) necessary to accommodate attendee needs.
  • Local Organizing Committee: Specific to individuals living in Kigali and the broader region, the LOC ensures that ICCB incorporates local culture and art into its programming, identifies pre- and post- congress field trips and activities, consults on entertainment and education for the opening and closing ceremonies to for regional cultural significance, and identifies and secures local volunteers to assist with the coordination of local logistics.
  • Policy Committee: Working in concert with the SCB Policy Committee to review accepted abstracts to identify common local, regional and international policy-related threads that can be used to connect Congress content with policy development pre-during and post-congress and develop policy-related programming (in collaboration with the Scientific Program Committee and Local Organizing Committee) of local and regional importance (e.g., panel discussions and seminars) to highlight and help advance conservation policy relevant to the location and region.
  • Scientific Program Committee: Provide oversight of the call for abstract submission, review, and selection process; manage session moderation and moderator selections; and develop the scientific program schedule.
  • Travel Awards Committee: Working in concert with the SCB Membership Manager and the SCB Awards Committee, oversee the call for travel awards, including the selection criteria, and manage the application review and selection process.

Conference Volunteers

ICCB is supported by up to 50 volunteers who provide support in different areas, including session moderation.

Volunteers must be registered attendees and are sourced during the ICCB 2023 registration process. Preference is given to students and SCB members from developing countries.

Onsite volunteers are critical to providing a positve attendee experience at ICCB and ensuring that events and programs run smoothly and are inclusive.