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About the conference

The 6th International Marine Conservation Congress (IMCC6) will be held on 24-27 August, 2020, in Kiel, Germany. The meeting is the Society for Conservation Biology Marine Section's main event in the calendar and is held every two years.

The overall theme of IMCCs is Making Marine Science Matter. For marine conservation to be effective, marine conservation science must matter to stakeholders, policy makers, and practitioners. IMCC seeks to engage everyone involved in marine conservation to share ideas and promote action for the long term health of our oceans! Below you can find a brief list of just some of the topics that might be covered at the conference, it's breadth highlights the wide range of interests of our delegates!!

Fisheries, aquaculture and the oceans; marine food systems; conservation and management of the Arctic and Antarctic; conservation engineering; ocean science technology; marine energy; climate, ocean acidification, and the changing oceans; marine and coastal cultures; marine governance; areas beyond national jurisdiction (ABNJ); marine conservation planning; communication and outreach; blue economy; marine industry; citizen science; traditional ecological knowledge; knowledge exchange; marine tourism; wellbeing and health; marine and coastal restoration; conservation at the land-sea interface.

Organizing Committee


Meeting Manager

Judith Meyer


Holly Niner - @hollyniner

Sophia Wassermann - @sowasser


Jörn Schmidt - @j_o_schmidt

Enno Prigge – @nopboard



Nate Johnson - @natej126

Edd Hind-Ozan - @socialseas



Arju Uddin - @mohammadarju

SCB Marine Board

Edd Hind-Ozan - President - @socialseas 

Kathryn Matthews - Past President - @katie_at_sea

Heather Penney - Secretary - @hdpenney

Shaili Johri - Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Officer - @its_shaili

Leslie Cornick - Science Officer - @CornickLeslie

Emily Knight - Policy Officer - @Emily_P_Knight

Patrick Goff - Education Officer - @BMSscienceteach

Arju Uddin - Communications Officer - @mohammadarju

Laura Niemenen - Student Officer - @NiemLaura

Nicole Crane - Member at Large

David Shiffman (OceansOnline) - @whysharksmatter


After the first (1997) and second (2001) Symposia on Marine Conservation Biology confirmed the large number of marine conservation biologists interested in furthering marine science, research and public policy, a group of marine professionals organized a formal society for marine conservation biology. After much discussion, this group accepted an invitation from the Society for Conservation Biology (SCB) to become one of their ‘sections’. The SCB Marine Section now provides a home for marine conservation biology in order to further marine conservation science, research and public policy. The Section’s flagship meeting is the biennial International Marine Conservation Congress (IMCC).

Previous IMCCs have been held in Washington D.C - USA (2009), Victoria - Canada (2011), Glasgow, UK (2014)St. John’s - Canada (2016) and Kuching - Malaysia (2018). IMCC6, to be held in Kiel, Germany.