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IMCC for all

At the International Marine Conservation Congress, we want to promote a safe, comfortable space for presentations, collaboration, innovation, and creativity. We welcome suggestions and questions. Please email IMCC6 with comments or concerns.

Accessibility initiatives

Registration reduction for female symposia leads & those from low-income countries

To support diversity IMCC6 are offering a 20% discount on all female symposia leads and those from low -income countries.


It will be possible to submit IMCC6 and OceansOnline abstracts and proposals in languages other than English. Delegates can also request offline submission forms in languages other than English. If you would also like to present in a language other than English please contact us as soon as possible and will do our best to accommodate your request. We will also do our best to provide means so people who speak English can enjoy presentations in other languages. We are additionally working with a team of volunteers to give assistance upon request to delegates whose first language is not English but would like to give their presentations in English. If you need language assistance or need to present in a language other than English, please email info@imcc6.com.

Travel Grants

Applications open: 13 January 2020

Applications close: 24 February 2020

Notification: April 2020

Please forward your abstract submission confirmation email to travelgrants@imcc6.com to indicate your interest in being considered for a travel grant.

The SCB Marine travel grants seek to support diverse representation at IMCC6 and participation of all involved in marine conservation globally. Travel grants are available to support attendance and participation at IMCC6 and/or Oceans Online.

The number of grants is determined by our ability to raise funds and through the size of the individual grants offered. Individual grant totals are predicted to range between $200-3000 USD.

Eligibility criteria:

  • IMCC6 abstract submission.
  • Member of SCB Marine Section (not a member? – join here).
  • Residential status of a developing countries (as defined by the World Bank) or small island developing states (as United Nations member of affiliate states, but excluding Singapore), or members of indigenous communities in any country. Applicants must be a citizen of or currently a long-term resident of the country/region. If you are from an underserved community that is not listed, please put your justification in the comments section. Researchers from a non-qualified region who conduct research in a qualified region are not eligible.

Confirmation of the award (and transfer of funds) will be dependent on acceptance of abstract and registration to attend IMCC6.

If you are interested in supporting diverse representation at IMCC6 and sponsoring additional travel grants please contact sponsor@imcc6.com.

External Travel Funding for Conferences

We understand affording conference travel may require a lot of work for delegates and putting together funding from various sources. We hope to help as much as we can. Beyond the Society for Conservation Biology Marine Section, there may be funding sources to travel to the International Marine Conservation Congress, including universities, professional societies, non-profit organizations, and companies.

Possible sources:  

WWF professional development grants: (relevant deadlines: 1 November 2019, 1 February 2020, 1 May 2020)

British Ecological Society (BES) travel and training grants: (applications open in January 2020)

Childcare at IMCC6

To support families attending IMCC6 we are delighted to offer free childcare services in cooperation with the Family Service of the Christian-Albrechts-University in Kiel to all registered participants! 

How does the Childcare Service work?

  • The childcare workers are students or academic assistants of the CAU Family Service office. They are predominantly  students of pedagogy, teaching or sports and have already gained experience in childcare. Workers are supervised by qualified childcare professionals as required by the German legislation.
  • The childcare will take place in child-friendly daycare rooms on CAU campus, within approximately a 17 minute walk from the main conference venue. 
  • Your child will be taken care of for a maximum of 8 hours per day (e.g. 8:00-16:00, 10:00-18:00). 
  • Meals are not provided, parents must collect children from childcare during the lunch period and children must be taken out of the childcare service area for meals (water and fresh fruit snacks will be available).
  • Parents must provide nappies and any specific equipment that their children need.
  • Children must be over 8 months to take advantage of this service. For those under 1 year old, they must have had previous experience in a child care setting (e.g. crèche or day care).
  • We have limited capacity to look after children (including those under 8 months) for very short periods (e.g. for 30 minutes to allow a parent to present) if required. Please contact info@imcc6.com if this is required.
  • Parents/legal guardians must be reachable by phone during all hours of childcare.

Please register for childcare when registering for IMCC6. The deadline to take advantage of free childcare is 24 April 2020 . 


A lactation room will be available onsite.