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Sustainability statement

IMCC seeks to be both environmentally and socially conscious and responsible in our management decisions. There are social and environmental consequences inherent in the traditional concept of a conference where travel can be inevitable or inaccessible. We are seeking alternatives to the traditional model of a conference and seek to actively discuss potential opportunities at Kiel in 2020. We would welcome suggestions on this topic from the marine conservation community. In lieu of a current feasible alternative and in recognition of the value of conference attendance to the marine conservation community, we are committed to reducing the associated impacts of our conference


Carbon offset program

Climate change resulting from carbon emissions pose the largest threat to marine and coastal systems and communities. Whilst we acknowledge that offsetting is not a solution to the emissions produced by the travel incurred by delegates to IMCC, we are making a responsibly-selected donation to an activity that might mitigate the effects of the carbon emissions incurred by our delegates.

The IMCC Organizing Committee will donate to Atmosfair, a German-based non governmental organisation (NGO) specializing in carbon dioxide mitigation. The amount will be calculated to cover the carbon footprint of delegate travel and conference operation. This will not be included as an ‘opt in’ for delegates and further donations to this NGO can be made by delegates should they wish.


Photo by Dustan Woodhouse on Unsplash