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Oceans Online

OceansOnline is an add-on day to IMCC6 registration with a theme of Making Marine Science Matter through communication and online resources. OceansOnline aims to cultivate the ways marine science is conducted, shared and communicated online. It features training workshops and discussion panels to develop and discuss how internet-based tools can assist marine conservation.

OceansOnline will build on the online ocean community and facilitate new collaborations. IMCC6 provides a means to exchange hard-won knowledge and experiences, develop new ideas and bravely overcome challenges, and OceansOnline will further this mission. OceansOnline will also help build on strategic opportunities, such as marketing, networking, generating new ideas and gathering knowledge valuable to current and future endeavors.

OceansOnline is an optional add-on day to IMCC5 registration. Delegates can register for OceansOnline as a valuable conclusion to IMCC6 or those with specific interests can attend without attending IMCC6.