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OceansOnline proposal submission opens October 7 2019 05:00 GMT - click here to submit

Information for proposal submission

Abstract format

Abstracts must be submitted electronically; web submission is the only format for submission*. All abstracts are strictly limited to 300 words.

Proposals for symposia, workshop and focus group sessions must be submitted in abstract format, including: (1) a synopsis of the session’s goals, purpose, and justification,  (2) a description of the anticipated outputs of the session, and (3) organizational structure including format, expected number of participants, and technical requirements.

*Please visit the Accessibility page if you need the submission form in a different format for accessibility reasons.

Session formats

Facilitated discussion

Facilitated discussions are the heart of OceansOnline. In these informal discussion-based events, a group of experts will moderate a discussion with the audience. Audience participation is strongly encouraged, and we are working off the assumption that the collective wisdom and experience of the room is greater than that of the moderators. Anyone can propose a facilitated discussion panel, which can include any number of co-moderators. These are one hour in length.


Workshops are one hour in length, and focus on hands-on teaching of an online tool.

Tool demonstration

Demonstrations are 15 minutes in length, and are similar in style to a standard conference presentation, but focusing on introducing an online tool.