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The following meetings will take place during the 4th International Marine Conservation Congress, 30 July - 3 August 2016, at the Delta Conference Centre in St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. More meetings may be added soon. If you'd like to request a meeting room, please contact IMCC4 Chair Samantha Oester.

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SCB Marine Section Members' Meeting

  • Time: 3 August 1:15-2:45pm
  • Room: Salon E

The Marine Section of Society for Conservation Biology, hosts of the International Marine Conservation Congress, provides a home for Marine Conservation Biology in order to further marine conservation science, research, and public policy. This meeting is for current and potential members of the SCB Marine Section or for those wishing to seek more information on SCB. The meeting will go over SCB Marine Section news, programs, and board members will be available for questions.

SCB Conservation Marketing & Engagement Working Group Meeting

  • Time: 31 July 1:15-2:45pm
  • Room: Salon A

The Society for Conservation Biology Conservation Marketing and Engagement Working Group (ConsMark) is a global community of academics, practitioners, and other professionals with shared goals around biodiversity and environmental conservation. Established in 2014, ConsMark is dedicated to promoting the awareness, acceptance, and use of scientifically-supported marketing techniques and strategies within the Society and the discipline of Conservation.

SCB Coral Reefs Working Group Meeting

  • Time: 1 August 1:15-2:45pm
  • Room: Salon D

The Coral Reefs Working Group of the Society for Conservation Biology is concerned with providing a coherent and systematic mechanism for integrating coral reef conservation science into policy and management actions, while engaging students and early career conservationists to build capacity in coral reef conservation. The working group was recently developed and is currently in provisional status, working toward full working group status of SCB. The Coral Reefs Working Group is currently accepting members.

Typologies of Global Dependence on Fish for Food and Livelihoods Meeting/Focus Group
Meeting Leaders: Christopher Golden, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health; Katherine Seto, University of California at Berkeley; Bapu Vaitla, Harvard University; Zach Koehn, University of Washington

  • Time: 1 August 1:15-2:45pm
  • Room: Salon F

For a range of all coastal countries on earth, we are trying to begin the assembly of some very basic information to generate typologies of human dependence on fish for food and livelihoods. To do this, we must categorize countries based on:

  1. Type and degree of aquatic ecosystem transformation
  2. Coastal livelihoods/fisheries producer dependence
  3. Fisheries nutritional dependence and type of food substitution patterns
  4. Fisheries management regimes: a rough overview of what kind of restrictions/regimes are in place where

We envision this list being a starting point to identify gaps and to help prioritize future research. We are interested in experts from all over the world, but specifically interested in anyone with expertise from: Bangladesh, Solomon Islands, Madagascar, Kenya, Ghana, Peru, Brazil, Kiribati, Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Myanmar, PNG, Philippines, and Canadian First Nations.