IMCC5 Merchandise

Our IMCC5 mascots include a handmade Irrawaddy dolphin and turtle designed specifically for IMCC5. They are plastic-free and made with screen-printed Malaysian Batik painted by hand on cotton and stuffed with natural kapok fibre.

IMCC5’s mascots have been made by the social enterprise Stitch.A.Giggle. Stitch.A.Giggle is an accredited impact driven enterprise by MaGIC's IDEA Programme, which aims to empower women from marginalized and low income communities through sewing projects. Stitch.A.Giggle provides fairly paid and flexible work and pay immediately upon completion of work. All the products produced by Stitch.A.Giggle are handemade with love by their artisan mothers.

Research by the UN shows that women typically invest 90% of their income into their families; by improving their income, Stitch.A.Giggle help them to keep their children in school! There are currently over 150,000 refugees and asylum-seekers registered with UNHCR in Malaysia, and approximately 30% are women with limited skills. Stitch.A.Giggle has trained ober 30 mothers and involved 25 of them in their sewing projects.


Specially-made for IMCC5 plushies will be offered for purchase onsite and with online registration for $18 USD.