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1st International Marine Kids Congress (IMKC)

IMCC5 organizers are happy to officially introduce the 1st International Marine Kids Congress (IMKC)!

Organized and led by qualified science instructors, IMKC will run along IMCC5 and engage 30 school-aged children (ages 7 through 14) in science education, marine biology, environmental conservation, and experiential learning. Participants will visit at least one local ecosystem to directly observe its wildlife, engage in a shoreline clean-up project, and carry out a small-scale research project focused on the marine or coastal environment. Participants will include local youth from Sarawak and children of delegates. By interacting with science instructors and marine science professionals in a coastal city like Kuching, these children will experience a connection to the ocean that they may have never truly appreciated while also gaining a sense of empowerment to protect this fragile ecosystem. The inaugural and one-of-a kind event will incorporate science, education, outreach, communication, and adventures! Some of the highlights include:

  • Lessons on the scientific method, student-led projects, and an IMKC poster session
  • Melissa Marquez from The Fins United Initiative as Plenary Speaker
  • Hand-on, STEM-based laboratory activities on estuaries, marine debris/plastics, and salinity
  • Activities with a local artist centered around environmental awareness
  • Excursions that may include mangrove and dolphin-watching, Semenggoh Wildlife Center, and local-led city tour of Kuching
  • Beach/estuary clean up and trash inventory
  • Movie screening and discussion

This project represents the first of anticipated subsequent Kids Congresses focused on engaging tomorrow’s ocean leaders in marine science education and inspiring within them a lifelong appreciation for our oceans.
For more information email Patrick Goff or Keni Rienks.

Other Childcare Options
Plaza Merdeka Kiidz Clubhouse

The Kiidz Clubhouse is an activity/play center and daycare service that is conveniently located on the 4th floor of Plaza Merdeka Shopping Mall, which is connected directly to the Waterfront Hotel Kuching.

Their mission is to contribute to the holistic development of children by providing a safe, fun and secure learning and recreational centre where children can learn and play. 

The Kiidz Clubhouse has agreed to provide a special rate for childcare for delegates of IMCC5, providing child care services for children ages 3-12 years. 

The daycare time will run from 9:30 - 17:00 Daily, the cost is 80.00RM/day (~$20.00 USD/day).

If you wish to take advantage of this service. please contact us and we will help with arrangements.