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#IMCC5 Congress Theme & Special Topics of Interest

The overall theme of IMCCs is Making Marine Science Matter. For marine conservation to be effective, marine conservation science must matter to stakeholders, policy makers, and practitioners. To accomplish this, the congress will be organized around these specific topics of interest for marine conservation in general, as well as the local area. This list is not meant to be exhaustive but merely a general guide for the conference. All marine conservation-related proposals and abstracts are absolutely welcome!

  • Fisheries, aquaculture and the oceans
  • Marine food security
  • Conservation and management of the Arctic and Antarctic
  • Conservation engineering
  • Ocean science technology
  • Marine energy 
  • Climate, ocean acidification, and the changing oceans
  • Culture and the marine environment
  • Advancing marine conservation through international treaties
  • Effective marine conservation planning
  • Communicating marine conservation
  • Participation in marine conservation science (e.g. citizen and indigenous science)
  • Marine tourism
  • Marine policy 
  • Estuary and coastal restoration
  • Conservation at the land-sea interface

In addition, the SCB Marine Section has developed a list of 71 research questions critical to the advancement of marine conservation. These research questions will also be addressed throughout the conference.