Smith Fellows
Class of 2008

2008 Fellows












Brett Dickson, Ph.D. Colorado State University
"Restoring native ecosystems on the Kaibab Plateau, Arizona: integrated models of fire, vegetation, plant invasion, and wildlife to guide sciencebased management and conservation".
Mentors: Dr. Thomas D. Sisk, Northern Arizona University; Ethan Aumack, Grand Canyon Trust

Holly Gibbs, Ph.D. University of Wisconsin-Madison
"The implications of evolving U.S. energy policy for tropical conservation and climate change."
Mentors: Dr. Rosamond Naylor, Stanford University; Dr. Keith Alger, Conservation International; Dr. Peter Frumhoff, Union of Concerned Scientists; Dr. Daniel Nepstad, Woods Hole Research Center

Olaf Jensen, Ph.D. University of Wisconsin-Madison
"Understanding fisheries collapse and recovery: biological, management, and economic correlates of failed fisheries".
Mentors: Dr. Ray Hilborn and Dr. Timothy E. Essington, University of Washington; Dr. Rod Fujita, Environmental Defense; Dr. Phillip Levin, National Marine Fisheries Service

Anne Salomon, Ph.D. University of Washington
"Forecasting the ecological effects of marine reserves to inform ecosystem-based management".
Mentors: Dr. Steve Gaines, Marine Science Institute, University of California Santa Barbara; Dr. Steve Katz and Mr. Mike Murray, Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary