Smith Fellows
Class of 2012

Tabitha Graves
“Designing an integrated, adaptive, and cost-effective sampling tool for wildlife populations”
Mentors: Dr. Mevin Hooten at Colorado State University and Gordon Stenhouse of the Foothills Research Institute.
David Hayman
“Understanding White Nose Syndrome dynamics to mitigate the precipitous decline of North American bats”
Mentors: Dr. Colleen Webb at Colorado State University, Dr. Juliet Pulliam of the University of Florida, and Dr. Paul Cryan of the U.S. Geological Survey. 
Viorel Popescu
“Estimating the cumulative impact of small hydropower on species conservation and ecosystems services”
Mentors: Dr. Chris Wilmers at the University of California, Santa Cruz, Dr. Wendy Palen at Simon Fraser University and Dr. Perry de Valpine at the University of California, Berkeley and in partnership with Dr. Mary Ruckelshaus of The Natural Capital Project and Dr. Craig Orr of Watershed Watch Salmon Society.
Morgan Tingley
“Long-term trends in the avifauna of the southern Appalachians: disentangling climate change from habitat change”
Mentors: Dr. David Wilcove at Princeton University and working in partnership with Dr. Gary Langham of the National Audubon Society.