Smith Fellows
Class of 2006

2006 Fellows








Myra Finkelstein, Ph.D. University of California, Santa Cruz 2003
"Understanding the effects of interacting threats on the survival of long-lived species."
Mentors: Dr. Daniel Doak, University of California, Santa Cruz, Dr. Paul Sievert, University of Massachusetts Amherst and USGS, and Dr. Michael Fry, American Bird Conservancy

Robert McDonald, Ph.D. Duke University 2004
"Urbanization and conservation priority setting: scaling from global patterns to local processes".
Mentors: Dr. Richard Forman, Harvard University and Dr. Peter Kareiva, The Nature Conservancy

Tania Schoennagel, Ph.D. University of Wisconsin, Madison 2003
"Fire risk and forest restoration in the wildland-urban interface of the Colorado Front Range".
Mentors: Dr. Thomas Veblen, University of Colorado, and Dr. Gregory Aplet, The Wilderness Society

Katherine Smith, Ph.D. University of California, Santa Barbara 2006
"Forecasting infectious disease emergence resulting from the global trade in wildlife".
Mentors: Dr. Dov Sax, University of Georgia, Dr. Sonia Altizer, University of Georgia, and Dr. Peter Daszak, Consortium for Conservation Medicine