Smith Fellows
Class of 2019

Anat Belasen
“Leveraging the Past to Preserve the Future: Finding a Litmus Test for Amphibian Disease Susceptibility”
Mentors: Dr. Kelly Zamudio at Cornell University, Dr. Robert Fleischer at Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute, and Laura Patterson of the California Department of Fish and Wildlife 

Charlotte Chang
“Effective conservation messaging under political polarization and social change”
Mentors: Dr. Paul Armsworth of the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, and Dr. Yuta Masuda of The Nature Conservancy

Joan Dudney
“Science-based solutions for an endangered but unlisted species”
Mentors: Dr. Andrew Latimer at the University of California, Davis, Drs. Robert Keane and Connie Millar of the USDA Forest Service, and Dr. Phil van Mantgem of the US Geological Survey

Max Lambert
“Do amphibians sink or swim with urbanization? Using evolutionary lessons to conserve urban biodiversity”
Mentors: Dr. Bree Rosenblum at the University of California, Berkeley, Dr. Marina Alberti of the University of Washington, Laura Guderyahn of the City of Portland, and Priya Nanjappa of Conservation Science Partners

Amy Teffer
“The Infectious Disease Ecology of Improved Watershed Connectivity: Reducing Uncertainty in Population Forecasts”
Mentors: Dr. Lisa Komoroske at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, and Dr. Benjamin Letcher at US Geological Survey