Smith Fellows
Class of 2015

Sean Anderson
“Forecasting catastrophes in marine population dynamics”
Mentors: Dr. Trevor Branch at University of Washington, Drs. Eric Ward and Michelle McClure at NOAA and Drs. Paul Dye and Jodie Toft at The Nature Conservancy

Brian Harvey
“Managing for resistance and resilience during a period of accelerating tree mortality in Rocky Mountain subalpine forests”
Mentors: Dr. Thomas Veblen at University of Colorado and Drs. José F. Negrón and Mike Battaglia at USDA Forest Service

Brent Hughes
“Can sea otters help defend and restore our coastlines?”
Mentors: Dr. Brian Silliman at Duke University, Dr. Susan Williams at University of Calfornia, Davis,  Dr. M. Tim Tinker at USGS,  Dr. Lilian Carswell of U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and Dr. Mike Beck of The Nature Conservancy

Mariah Meek
“Conserving fish species by understanding local adaptation and predicting responses to climate change”
Mentors: Drs. Clifford Kraft and Matt Hare at Cornell University and Dr. Nathaniel Gillespie of USDA Forest Service

Rebecca Tonietto
“Urban bee community structure, pollination services and conservation in shrinking cities across North America.”
Mentors: Dr. Gerardo Camilo at St. Louis University, Dr. Kelly Garbach at Loyola University Chicago, Michael Arduser of Missouri Department of Conservation and Dr. Paul Gobster of the USDA Forest Service