Smith Fellows
Class of 2013

Jonathan Armstrong
“Trophic resource portfolios:  incorporating spatial and temporal patterns of species abundance into ecosystem-based management of mobile consumers”
Mentors: Dr. Matthew Kauffman of University of Wyoming, Dr. Daniel Schindler of University of Washington and Patrick Walsh of the US Fish and Wildlife Service

Emily Darling
“Biodiversity hot spots and climate cool spots: Strategic action for coral reef conservation in a changing climate”
Mentors: Dr. John Bruno at University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, Dr. Helen Fox of World Wildlife Fund, Dr. Caleb McClennen of Wildlife Conservation Society and Dr. Ivor Williams of NOAA

Stephanie Green
“Reconciling Invasion Processes and Conservation Action: Functional Eradication as a Framework for Invasive Species Control”
Mentors: Dr. Mark Hixon of Oregon State University, Dr. Edwin Grosholz of University of California-Davis, Dr. Stephen Gittings of NOAA and Cliff McCreedy of the National Parks Service

Sara Kross
“Conservation in the agricultural landscape: Investigating the tradeoffs between avian conservation and farm production in an ecosystem services framework”
Mentors: Dr. Jason Townsend of University of California-Davis, Dr. Rodd Kelsey of The Nature Conservancy and Justin Schuetz of National Audubon Society