Smith Fellows
Class of 2017

Rebecca Barak
“Effective seed mix design for ecological restoration”
Mentors: Dr. Lars Brudvig at Michigan State University, Dr. Kayri Havens at the Chicago Botanic Garden, and Dr. Zhao Ma at Purdue University

Molly Bletz
“Proactive conservation: curbing the threat of an emerging salamander pathogen by assessing disease risk and developing effective mitigation strategies”
Mentors: Dr. Douglas Woodhams at University of Massachusetts Boston and Priya Nanjappa, Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies

Tony Chang
“Forest disturbance detection and hydrologic response in the Western US”
Mentors: Drs. David Theobald and Brett Dickson of Conservation Science Partners and Dr. Sangram Ganguly at NASA Ames Research Center & Bay Area Environmental Research Institute

Caitlin McDonough MacKenzie
“Conservation Challenges for Tundra Refugia under Climate Change: A Paleoecological Perspective on Subalpine and Alpine Vegetation in Maine”
Mentors: Dr. Jacquelyn Gill at University of Maine and Dr. Abe Miller-Rushing at the National Park Service

Mallika Nocco
“Water scarcity amidst abundance: A call for adaptive strategies to manage freshwaters, forests, and irrigated agroecosystems throughout sandy aquifers in the Northern Great Lake States”
Mentors: Dr. Tracy Twine at University of Minnesota – Twin Cities, Dr. Chris Kucharik of University of Wisconsin - Madison, Dr. Michael Fienen at U.S. Geological Survey and Dr. Christel Kern at USDA Forest Service