Smith Fellows
Class of 2024

Reza Goljani Amirkhiz 
“Monitoring the impact of climate change on the abundance and distribution of breeding bird communities”
Mentors: Dr. Erika Zavaleta at University of California, Santa Cruz and in partnership with Dr. Dena Spatz at California Department of Fish and Wildlife and Pacific Rim Conservation
Leo Gaskins 
“Restoring diversity and increasing function in Great Lakes wetlands with native ecosystem engineer biomimicry” 
Mentors: Cathy Pfister and Tim Wootton at University of Chicago and in partnership with Stephanie Beilke at Audubon Great Lakes and Sarah Saunders at National Audubon Society
Gisselle Mejía
“Shaping Urban Biodiversity: A Multi-Scale Analysis of Nursery Trends, Stakeholder Preferences, and Tree Composition in Urban Landscapes” 
Mentors: Meghan Avolio at John Hopkins University and in partnership with Richard Hallett at USDA Forest Service
Cinnamon Mittan-Moreau 
“Genomically-informed solutions to ‘small population problems’ in a critically endangered species”
Mentors: Nick Haddad and Sarah Fitzpatrick at Michigan State University, Kellogg Biological Station and in partnership with Kaitlyn Kelly at U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service and Bill Flanagan at John Ball Zoo
Diego Ellis Soto
“Environmental justice, socioeconomics, and biodiversity conservation in the Bay Area”
Mentors: Christopher Schell at University of California, Berkeley and in partnership with Rebecca Johnson at California Academy of Sciences