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ICCB 2017 Social Media Guidance

We encourage open discussion on social media and ask attendees to share the science and ideas presented at the Congress with their followers.

In 2015, ICCB attendees sent more than 20,000 tweets using the hashtag #ICCB2015.  In order to find a balance between the needs and expectations of members and attendees, and to make the meeting a safe and comfortable space for everyone, we set forth a few basic guidelines.
The guidelines offer advice to presenters who do not wish to have the contents or findings of their talks or posters shared on social media. They also remind everyone to respect the ICCB Code of Conduct when posting content to social media and to adhere to the wishes of presenters who do not want their findings shared beyond the conference hall. 
Please read and respect the guidelines below before you tweet (Or blog, Or Instagram, Or Facebook, Or Pinterest, Or LinkedIn……)
  • Please keep in mind SCB’s meeting Code of Conduct and apply it to your communication online (and in person!). Harassment, intimidation, or discrimination in any form will not be tolerated.
  • Scientists will present more than 1,500 abstracts at ICCB and the default assumption is that attendees will share findings and personal observations on social media. Some presenters may request at any time during their presentations that their findings should not be shared on social media. Please respect these requests! Attendees should also be on the lookout for "No Tweeting" icons on slides and posters (see below). The icon indicates that the presenter does not their findings shared on social media.
  • Social media (Twitter, Facebook and others) “opt-out” policy: Presenters who wish to keep the contents of their talks confined to the audience in the room may place this "No Tweeting" icon on their slides or posters to clearly express that they do not want their results posted to Twitter or any other social media sites. Please include the icon on every slide to ensure your preference is known since people may come in after your presentation begins.) 

We hope you have a great time at ICCB and share your experiences on social media! Remember that if you see this icon on presenter slides or posters to not post content or data on that presentation. 

Thank you in advance for following these basic guidelines and helping us to maintain a welcoming environment for sharing information. As a reminder, the official meeting hashtag is #ICCB2017. We look forward to seeing your thoughts and discussion online. Happy posting!