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ICCB 2017 T-Shirt 
Congratulations to Sara-Xaali O'Reilly Berkeley for submitting the winning design in the 2017 ICCB T-Shirt Design Contest! Attendees will notice Xaali's work throughout the Congress as ICCB volunteers will wear a yellow t-shirt that features Xaali's design. Attendees who purchased the offical ICCB T-Shirt when they registered for the Congress will receive a green t-shirt featuring Xaali's work when they receive their attendee badge at ICCB registration. 
Xaali is a research assistant and Ph.D. student in the Ecological Genetics and Conservation lab at the Manchester Metropolitan University, United Kingdom. Her research focuses on the ecological genetics of Caribbean seagrass meadows. A tropical biology generalist, Xaali is particularly interested in understanding species interactions and their evolutionary significance.
The winning design was determined through a vote on ICCB social media channels. The Society is grateful to everyone who submitted a design: aMan Bloom, Jacqueline Grant, Dao Van Hoang, Malla Giridhar, and Tatiana Campos Neves.

Sara-Xaali O'Reilly Berkeley submitted the winning design for the ICCB 2015 T-Shirt Contest. The design incorporates cultural and natural featues of Colombia into the letters "ICCB."

About the Design
The design features “ICCB” letters composed of cultural and natural features of Colombia. The “I” is a sculpture from South America’s largest megalithic site, found in San Agustín; the UNESCO World Heritage Site that contains monuments made by indigenous cultures between I-VIII AD.
The first “C” is a spectacled caiman (Caiman crocodilus), partly because it is an element of Colombian fauna, but is also inspired by the myth of the man who was turned into a caiman for watching women in the river.
The second “C” is composed of various elements of Colombian flora and fauna: the Andean condor, national bird of Colombia and other Andean nations. It is also representative of the mountainous part of the country; the Cattleya trianae orchid, the country’s national flower; a heliconia (Heliconia ortotrichta), and coffee beans.
Finally, the “B” is a tiple colombiano, the Colombian 12-stringed guitar.