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ICCB 2017 Publishing Opportunity

Exciting new opportunity at ICCB! A primary goal of SCB is to advancing the science and practice of conserving Earth’s biological diversity. We encourage you to contribute to this pursuit by submitting a manuscript based on your presentation at ICCB 2017 to SCB’s journal Conservation Biology or the SCB-affiliated journal Conservation Letters.

Accepted manuscripts will be published in a regular issue of the journal and then compiled into a special ‘online-only’ virtual issue featuring the best research presented at ICCB 2017. Thus, articles will appear in two places, a regular issue and a virtual issue. Please note that ICCB submitted manuscripts will go through the journal’s normal peer-review process. The accepted ICCB articles will fit the scope and rigorous quality standards of each journal. For instructions and guidelines go to:

If you are unsure whether your paper fits the scope of the journal, you may ask for the relevant editor in chief’s opinion by emailing your abstract to Mark Burgman for Conservation Biology or Edward Game for Conservation Letters. At least six papers must be accepted for a virtual issue to come to fruition, so please go ahead submit and spread the word.

In your submission cover letter, state that the manuscript is a result of research you presented at ICCB 2017. Publication will be online soon after acceptance and papers will be compiled in the virtual issue in late 2018.

Submission Deadline: 1 October 2017

F1000 - SCB Congresses Proceedings Channel

SCB partners with F1000 to host the posters and presentation slides from the SCB regional and international congresses: https://f1000research.com/channels/SCB. This service is free and open access!

How does uploading posters and slides benefit researchers?

  • Increase exposure of your work beyond the congress;
  • Allow commenting on the page for feedback and collaboration at a community level;
  • Build your reputation by disseminating research early;
  • Ideal for building up research outputs - posters and slides receive DOIs and are fully citeable;
  • Create a buzz online – easily shareable with your peers on social media and professional profiles.

You can find more information on why publish your congress poster and slides on this channel here.