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The Lehmann

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Meet ICCB 2017 Mascot

Lehmann’s poison frog (Oophaga lehmanni): Endemic to Colombia, Lehmann's poison frog is critically endangered due to habitat fragmentation and illegal pet trade. Despite its plight, poison frogs are significant to local indigenous communities in Colombia who have long used their poison for hunting. Moreover, the Lehmann’s poison frog is named after the Colombian conservation biologist, Federico Carlos Lehmann who, in the early age of environmental preservation, promoted conservation legislation. His work led to the creation of four protected areas in Colombia as well as the Cali Departmental Natural Sciences Museum.

ICCB 2017 Theme

Insights for sustaining life on Earth, is a response to the need for conservation science to help create a better tomorrow for both biodiversity and people who depend upon it. 

Conservation science must inform local, national, and international efforts for effective, just, and enduring conservation of biodiversity. Accordingly, ICCB is more than just a forum for showcasing the latest in conservation science. It’s also a place to address the greatest conservation challenges of our time, for training early-career professionals, and for catalyzing conservation action.