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Abstract Submission Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in submitting an abstract for SCB's 2017 International Congress for Conservation Biology.

Questions? Email iccbprogram@conbio.org


Abstract submission is now closed.

  • Abstracts for Contributed Sessions (oral, speed and poster presentations) and Knowledge Cafes (new this year!) has passed. Final selection will be made by 17 March 2017 and notifications will follow shortly thereafter.
  • The deadline to submit abstracts for symposia, short courses, and workshops has passed. Anyone whose Symposium, Short Course and Workshop abstract has not been accepted is invited to resubmit their abstract for a Knowledge Cafe or Contributed session.


  • To avoid any problem of compatibility, we advise you to use Internet Explorer when submitting your abstract.
  • All ICCB 2017 sessions are for 90-minutes except for workshops which are scheduled during lunch time and 60 minutes long. The length of short courses is at the discretion of the organizer and can be up to 2 days long.
  • Your abstract must be submitted ONLINE and in ENGLISH.
  • Special attention will be given to abstracts that focus on drivers and/or solutions to current conservation challenges, and use inter-disciplinary approaches to addressing key questions in conservation science. 
  • ICCB 2017 abstract review process is DOUBLE-BLIND. Any abstract with names in the title, text or any fields other than your profile name will be discarded. At this time, symposium organizers shall submit a list of individual presentation titles without presenter names in their abstract.
  • Your abstract must not exceed 2000 characters, spaces included (about 300 words).
  • It should not include diagrams or tables.
  • Title and authors' names need to be typed in separate fields. Your title should NOT be all capitals or all lower-case.
  • For submission for Symposium, Workshop and Short Course abstracts, presenters may submit one abstract only. This policy is strictly enforced. However, there is no limit to the number of proposals other presenters submit in which you can be a co-author. Symposium and workshop organizers are free to present in their own sessions or may decide to limit their role to that of organizer only. In case of the latter option, a symposium organizer may present a talk in a workshop and a workshop organizer may present a talk in a symposium. This works because symposium and workshop sessions do not present scheduling conflicts within the scientific program.
  • For submission of abstracts for Contributed Talks, Posters, and Knowledge Cafes (new this year!), presenters may submit an abstract for one talk (oral or speed) and an abstract for one poster presentation and cannot submit more than one abstract per form. If you are presenting in or organizing a symposium, you may NOT submit an oral or speed presentation abstract. However, there is no limit to the number of proposals other presenters submit in which you can be a co-author. Anyone who submitted an abstract for a Symposium, Short Course or Workshop must wait for the Scientific Committee's decision before considering resubmitting (if rejected) the abstract for a Contributed Talk, Poster, or Knowledge Cafe so as not to violate the submission policy as described above.
  • Presenters in organized symposium (by invitation only) will be required to submit an individual abstract after the acceptance of the symposium and up until 17 February 2017.
  • All speakers and session organizers with an accepted abstract MUST register by ICCB Early registration deadline.
  • It is the responsibility of organizers to obtain funding for their session if required. The ICCB 2017 Organizing Committee is not responsible for obtaining funds to support speaker travel to the congress and cannot guarantee that any support will be available. Preference may be given to proposals for which organizers can demonstrate that funds are likely to be available. Short course participants will pay a fee to cover the cost related to their course. This fee does not include educator payment, this is a voluntary position.
  • WARNING: The contents of your abstract must be non-commercial. Any promotion, even involuntary, is prohibited.
  • Important notes:
    You will receive a confirmation email from Submissions@conbio.org shortly after you submit your abstract. Be sure to check your spam folder if it does not arrive in your inbox and whitelist all emails from Submissions@conbio.org and Membership@conbio.org.
    ** If you receive the " Variable ADDRESS_COMPANY_NAME is undefined" error or the "Update Business Information" error, please rest assured that this will not impact the status of the abstract or its review. We are working with IT support to resolve these issues.

To submit your abstract, please visit our page and follow the instructions:
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Questions? Email iccbprogram@conbio.org