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ICCB 2019 Daily Themes

Monday - Plastic Solutions
  • Acknowledgement of the global plastics problem
  • Negative effects of plastics on wildlife, wild places & human health
  • Importance of changing individual, community & business practices to eliminate single-use plastics
  • The value of the roles conservation professionals serve in addressing and dealing with the plastics problem


Tuesday - Empowering Communities
  • Acknowledgement of the vital roles local communities serve in a globalized world
  • Importance of incorporating the knowledge, viewpoints and needs of local/indigenous peoples in conservation research and practice
  • The value that conservation professionals serve in empowering communities in conservation efforts

Wednesday - Diversity in Science


  • Acknowledgement of the need to increase equity, inclusion and diversity in the science and conservation fields
  • Importance of using science-based information to make informed decisions
  • The value that having a diverse community of conservation professionals serves in advancing conservation science and practice

Thursday - Saving Wildlife and Wild Places
  • Acknowledgement of our global extinction and climate crises
  • Negative environmental impacts humans are causing on wildlife, wild places and people
  • Importance of finding conservation solutions which transcend borders
  • The value that conservation professionals serve in saving wildlife and wild places


Overall Congress Themes