ICCB First-Time Delegate Mentoring Program


The ICCB First-Time Delegate Mentoring Program is designed to pair delegates who have never attended an ICCB with SCB members who have participated in past Congresses who will share experiences, provide guidance, and facilitate key networking opportunities. Mentor-mentee pairs will be encouraged to meet once a day during the Congress to discuss how best to approach programming, encourage networking, and answer questions that arise during the Congress. The pairs will have an opportunity to initially meet in person at the First-Time Delegate Mentoring Session prior to the Welcome Reception.

What are the benefits of participating in the ICCB First-Time Delegate Mentoring Program?
For mentors:

  • The chance to share your experience and expertise as a past ICCB delegate.
  • Serve the industry by helping new delegates make the most of ICCB programming, events and activities.
  • Help first-timers make new connections in their areas of interest.
  • “Pay it forward” if someone mentored you through your first few ICCBs!

For mentees:

  • The chance to gain personalized insight into how to gain the most from the ICCB programming, events and activities.
  • Make new connections and expand your professional network.
  • The opportunity to ask questions and learn from a delegate with SCB and ICCB experience.
  • Learn more about how SCB can meet your professional needs and you can use your skills and insight to advance SCB!

How do I sign up to be a mentor/mentee in the ICCB First-Time Delegate Program?
When registering online for ICCB, please answer yes to the question on the form related to serving either a mentor or mentee. If you are a member, please update your personal information regarding your expertise on your member profile. This will help us match you to a mentor or mentee.

Who is eligible to participate in the ICCB First-Time Delegate Mentoring Program?
For mentees: All delegates who are attending the ICCB for the first time are encouraged to sign up.  This program however is open to all delegates who wish to have a mentor for the Congress. 

For mentors: Any SCB member who has attended multiple ICCBs and would like to mentor a new delegate. 

What are my obligations as part of the ICCB First-Time Delegate Mentoring Program?
Once a mentor is paired with a mentee, the mentor will be asked to contact the mentee ahead of ICCB to introduce themselves to each other.  Mentor and mentees should plan on attending the ICCB First-Time Delegate Mentoring Session on Sunday in the late afternoon of ICCB.  This will be the first opportunity for mentors and mentees to meet in person.  We ask that the mentor/mentees plan to meet briefly at least once a day, preferably during one of the social or meal functions, during the Congress.  For example, you could meet during the poster session one day and another day during the boxed lunch in the exhibit hall.  This allows for the mentor to introduce the mentee to other delegates and grow networking opportunities.  Mentor and mentee pairs are not required to attend the same sessions but we do encourage mentors to provide guidance on suggested programming and sessions to attend. The hope is that this mentoring relationship will continue after the Congress.