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The International Congress for Conservation Biology (ICCB) rotates among the Society for Conservation Biology’s (SCB) seven regional sections. Site selection is based on a number of criteria, including potential to advance the dissemination of conservation needs, science, and practice of the region and expand regional growth in the field of conservation, accessibility, affordability, venue size and accommodation availability, and the health and safety of participants.

SCB will always promote equity, diversity, and inclusion in every aspect of ICCB to the best of our capacity, and welcomes all delegates.  Moreover, ICCBs will strive to advance conservation awareness and, where possible, elevate the acceptance of equity, inclusion and diversity rights in all cities in which it is held.
Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of Malaysia, is a cultural mixing bowl that attracts tourists with its pluralism and diversity. As SCB works to ensure all ICCBs exhibit equity, inclusion, and diversity, we ask all interested attendees to review travel recommendations from their country. While in Malaysia, practice caution as you would anywhere else. Be our guest, as Malaysia welcomes you.

All Delegates

Before You Go: 

  • Check Passport Validity - some countries require a minimum of 6-months validity. 
  • Take Important Documents - includes legal, health, parentage and/or custody documents. 
  • Carry Contact Details - includes family/friends and nearest embassy or consulate.
  • Follow the laws of the countries you visit.
  • Malaysia is socially conservative; Please be conscious to limit public displays of affections.
  • Parentage and/or custody documents for accompanying minor children (especially if your children do not share your last name)
  • If you require a letter to obtain a visa to attend ICCB, please email us as soon as possible.

Israeli Delegates

Malaysia does not maintain formal diplomatic relations with Israel. However, visas can be arranged for conference participants.  SCB will assist members in Israel, as well as previous ICCB attendees from Israel, to apply for their visas. Please email us for visa application details. Visa applications must be submitted no less than 6-months prior 21 July 2019 and preferably earlier.