SCB is Pleased to Have Special Guest, Bob Taylor, Co-Founder of Taylor Guitars at ICCB

Special Program Details:

Sustain and Sustainability – Why a Guitar Company’s 100-Year Plan Includes Reforestation

Wednesday, July 24, 12:30 – 13:20 hours

Sustainability Theater, Exhibition Hall, Floor 1

Pioneering acoustic guitar builder Bob Taylor of San Diego-based Taylor Guitars will explain why the global popularity of guitars provides a uniquely powerful platform to promote forest restoration around the world. Bob will shed light on the history of the acoustic guitar industry and its use of different tonewood species; share how the accelerating depletion of forest resources in his lifetime has prompted him to devote the second half of his career to forest stewardship; and detail his involvement in forest restoration initiatives with West African ebony in Cameroon and koa in Hawaii. Bob will also reveal recent scientific discoveries about the ecology of ebony—the result of research he is privately funding. He’ll also share his perspective on why socially responsible business practices are an essential component of sustainable forest management, and why Taylor Guitars is developing a 100-year plan.

About Bob Taylor, Co-Founder, Taylor Guitars

Taylor Guitars co-founder Bob Taylor is a pioneering acoustic guitar maker and a world-class expert in manufacturing. Fueled by Taylor’s modern innovations in guitar design and production, the company has grown from a small shop established in 1974 into an industry leader and the top-selling acoustic guitar brand in the U.S. In recent years Bob has applied his forward-thinking philosophy to the ethical stewardship of the natural resources the company uses. This has led to the pursuit of more sustainable, socially responsible models of tonewood sourcing, including investment in groundbreaking ecological research and replanting initiatives with ebony in Cameroon, along with the reforestation of koa in Hawaii.