SCB Endorses the March for Science

Given that the upcoming global March for Science presents a unique opportunity for public engagement by SCB members as a global community of conservation professionals, and in order to defend the importance of evidence-based decision-making in safeguarding the Earth’s biological diversity, SCB hereby endorses and supports members’ involvement in March for Science activities.
SCB will proactively engage with organizers and participants of both the DC and local marches to seek to improve the manner in which March activities address equity, inclusion, and diversity. Given concerns about shortcomings to date in regards to the March and equity, inclusion, and diversity, we respect the decisions of regional SCB Sections and local SCB Chapters as to whether and in what manner they wish to engage with marches in their areas. 
The SCB North America Section was an early endorser of the March and many Section members will participate in the DC rally and satellite marches. They will be marching as advocates for open, inclusive, and accessible science, and to affirm that science is a crucial resource for developing evidence-based policy and regulations that are in the public interest. The goals of the March can be found here

Thousands will particiapte in the March for Science on the National Mall in Washington, DC and in satellite marches around the world on 22 April 2017.