SCB North America Policy Update
Introducing the North America Policy Newsletter

Doug Parsons, SCB's North America Policy Director, is pleased to announce a new North America Policy Newsletter. The newsletter will feature updates from Doug on policy news from the North America Section, guest writer contributions from SCB members, training opportunities, conference announcements, and more. 

The first issue features guest contributions on training opportunities, state wildlife action plans, and climate adaptation strategy. Other topics covered in the newsletter:

  • Welcome message from Doug
  • Updates on policy activities
  • News on wolves, wolverines, and science integrity
  • Relevant conferences and workshops
  • Read the first issue of the newsletter here.

New Policy Webinar Series
Mark your calendars for the debut of a new North America policy-themed webinar series that aims to provide tools and information, and engender open discussion, that can help you make a difference in the policy arena.

The first webinar will take place on October 9, 2014 at 2:30pm EDT. Kristin Carden, an attorney with Earthjustice and a member of the North America Policy Subcommittee will talk about legal issues in conservation biology. Stay tuned to SCB's website, Facebook page and Twitter feed for more details, including links to access the webinar.