Frequently Asked Questions



The purpose of this site is to function as a clearing house for information on academic opportunities in Conservation Biology, and in so doing, increase the likelihood that mentor and student will find each other.


The definition of Conservation Biology that we are using is the one supplied by the Society for Conservation Biology, as described in The Society's journal. Applying this description to our site: "We will provide information on programs that are attempting to develop the scientific and technical means for the protection, maintenance, and restoration of life on this planet - its species, its ecological and evolutionary processes, and its particular and total environment."


  • Where did these data come from?

The documents on the web site were originally published in the journal Conservation Biology. Jacobson et al. (1995) created the original document by soliciting descriptions of graduate programs in conservation biology from (1) universities represented at the 1993 annual meeting of the Society for Conservation Biology; (2) that were listed in the 1992 Conservation Directory published by the National Wildlife Federation, Washington, D.C.; and (3) that were participating in the national initiative, Integrated Approaches to Training in Conservation and Sustainable Development (Jacobson et al. 1992).


  • Tell me more about this site--its origins, its future.
  • Please see this document


  • How how do I add myself to the database (or modify my existing information)?

If you are the chair or a faculty member from a program not represented in the list and would like to be added to the database or if your program or research interests are already included but need to be updated, please fill out the Entry/Update Form.


  • How long can my research interests description be?

At the web site, we can accommodate up to 300-word program descriptions and 150-word research interest descriptions from each faculty member whose research interests obviously align with topics in the field of conservation biology.


  • What is presently included in the database?

At present, we have indexed descriptions of over 60 different graduate programs in Conservation Biology and over 500 professors and their research interests, academic affiliations, and contact addresses. We are currently working through the database to add links to schools and programs that have web sites.


  • Is there only one Conservation Biology database?

Programs may be found through commercial indexes such as Peterson's Guide. However, as our records are maintained by the program affiliates themselves, our information is the most accurate and up-to-date.


  • How do I help?

Help us keep our data up to date!

  • Input/update your records if you are a program affiliate
  • Notify us of any programs you know of that do not appear in our database


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