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Conservation Biology

Conservation Biology, the flagship journal of the Society for Conservation Biology, is the leading journal in the field of conservation. Its ground-breaking research articles, essays, and reviews develop new theory and methods, define key problems, and propose solutions, exploring
the social, ecological, and philosophical dimensions of the conservation of biological diversity. The journal offers globally relevant novel insights, approaches, and syntheses. SCB members can subscribe to online versions of the journal.  They also have access to full digital archives of the journal and the journal's mobile app through both Apple and Google. Non-members cannot subscribe to ​Conservation Biology. Its impact factor in 2016 was 4.842.  Learn more about the journal, including how to submit a manuscript.  

Conservation Letters

Conservation Letters covers cutting-edge, policy-relevant conservation research from the natural and social sciences. This online journal features papers renowned for their originality and influence on policy debates and management solutions. Manuscripts are published with a turnaround time that gives Conservation Letters a critical voice on hot-button topics of the day. The journal carries considerable influence holding an impact factor of 7.126. Learn more about the journal, including how to submit a manuscript to be published. Members receive a discount to publish.

Conservation Science and Practice

Conservation Science and Practice publishes papers that address the policy, planning, and practice of conserving biological diversity. The journal publishes papers that expand conservation knowledge ranging from practical experience to advances in theory. The journal places special emphasis on studies that connect findings to conservation outcomes to address which strategies work as well as which strategies fail. Studies with implications for biodiversity conservation applications that rely on established methods on specific case studies are welcome, including those that do not transcend species, ecosystem, or situation. Launched in 2019, the journal is emerging as the newest source for emerging conservation ideas.