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Listed in October 2015.

A Growing Role for Genetics in Conservation

photo for A Growing Role for Genetics in Conservation

Genetic data can often provide information which would otherwise be difficult to obtain: to document a species' demography, ecology and behavior more precisely; to understand how diversity can drive ecosystem function; to detect invasive species; and to solve illegal wildlife and plant trade.

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A Message from Geri Unger

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It has been a busy summer and fall. After returning from a highly successful ICCB, the Executive Office hired a new Finance Director, and moved last week to a new office in Washington DC. We are currently unpacking and organizing as well as preparing the 2016 budget.

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By Stephanie Green, posted on October 22, 2015

Uniting Science and Stories at IMCC

photo for Uniting Science and Stories at IMCC

Storytelling is a crucial skill for scientists to use to communicate their work. A workshop held at the IMCC helped SCB scientists develop their storytelling skills.

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It’s Moving Week for SCB

photo for It’s Moving Week for SCB

SCB will be busy moving to a new office location in Washington, DC the week of 12 October. We won't close for business completely during the move, but much of our time will be dedicated to packing and setting up the new office. We will be back to regular working hours in our new office by 21 October.

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