Chapters Corner: Nordic

Nordic Chapter meeting. Photo credit: Johan Samuelsson.

SCB Nordic Chapter aims to be a regional forum for conservation biologists and a leading voice for conservation biology issues in the Nordic countries. It is a place where researchers and practitioners in conservation biology can meet, communicate and work together on conservation issues. 

Following a meeting by participants at ICCB-ECCB 2015 in Montpellier, France, a first meeting for professionals interested in being involved in a Nordic Chapter of SCB was held at the Flora and Fauna conference in Uppsala, Sweden in spring 2016. At this meeting the focus of the new chapter was discussed and a board was elected.

The current board members are: 
- Åsa Berggren, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Sweden (chair)
- BeGe Jonsson, Mid Sweden University, Sweden (vice-chair)
- J-O Helldin, Calluna, Sweden (secretary) 
- Erik Öckinger, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences Sweden (treasurer)
- Åsa Ranlund, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Sweden (member)
- Anders Tøttrup, University of Copenhagen, Denmark (member)

We would love to have you as a member! Follow the Nordic Chapter on Facebook for up to date information on what is happening right now.

The chapter activities so far have mainly been in collaboration with other ecological organisations and universities, and include excursions and networking activities.

Our email address is Please contact us if you have any questions.

A nature reserve in Hällskogsbrännan, Sweden (established in 2015). The reserve (6400 ha) is part of a forested area that was exposed to a large wild fire (c. 14 000 ha) in August 2014 (the largest documented wild fire in Sweden since 1514). Photo credit:  Joachim Strengbom.

The burned forest area in 2016. Photo credit:  Joachim Strengbom.