SCB Marine Section 2019 Conservation Research Small Grants Recipients

SCB’s Marine Section has awarded nine 2019 Conservation Research Small Grants. The SCB Marine Section initiated the Conservation Small Grants Program (CSGP) to fund worthy conservation projects around the globe. 

Through these grants, the SCB Marine Section hopes to advance the conservation of marine biodiversity and the communities which depend on healthy marine systems by providing funds to individuals or groups for research, conservation and restoration activities. Learn more about the grants here.

They are pleased to fund the following recipients:

Henry Nibam Abi 
Project Country: Cameroon
Project Title: Strengthening research on nest incubation temperature of marine turtles in the Atlantic coastline of Ebodje, South of Cameroon

Christina Aguaiza 
Project Country: Ecuador
Project Title: Biodiversity and conservation of sea slugs in the Santa Elena Peninsula, Ecuador

Anna Costanza
Project Country: Peru
Project Title: Artisanal fishermen knowledge support bycatch risk assessment of humpback whales (Megaptera novaenangliae) in northern Peru

Gemma Galbraith
Project Country: Papua New Guinea
Project Title: Reef Rangers: Community led conservation and Marine Protected Area management

Sumedha Korgaonkar
Project Country: India
Project Title: Trapping the wild predators on camera to study their predatory behaviour during the olive ridley nesting period on the high risk nesting sites of Maharashtra, India

Lenin Oviedo
Project Country: Costa Rica
Project Title: Behavioral ecology of urban bottlenose dolphins in a modified neotropical seascape in the central pacific of Costa Rica

Carolina Restrepo
Project Country: Mexico
Project Title: Socioecological connectivity of fisheries in Verdillo (Paralabrax nebulifer) in the gulf of Ullloa, Baja California Sur, Mexico

Eric Wade
Project Country: St. Lucia
Project Title: Collective decision making in an uncertain fisheries world: Exploring small-scale fisheries in Jamaica and St. Lucia

Lionel Yamb
Project Country: Cameroon
Project Title: Conservation status of sea turtle populations on the northern coastline of Cameroon

Congratulations to all of the recipients!