SCB Members March for Science

March for Science participants in Washington DC. Photo credit: Valerie Beard​.

By Jamie Hogberg, Administrative Director of the Society for Conservation Biology North America Section

On Saturday April 22, SCB members joined thousands of scientists, science advocates, and concerned citizens around the globe in the March for Science. SCB Global recently joined the North America Section in endorsing the goals of the March. The goals of the March can be found here. SCB North America sent out a survey to their members in advance to learn about member participation.Check out the map of SCBNA science marchers!

Members of the D.C. Chapter reported: “The March for Science was a wonderful experience filled with high energy and dedicated attendees.” - Valerie Beard

“We marched to proclaim that we expect our leaders to make decisions based on science, and not in spite of it. And we marched to remind them, and ourselves, that with privilege comes responsibility - science must be used in the service of equality and justice.” - Pamela Collins

March for Science in Washington DC. Photo credit: Valerie Beard​.

“The ideology is that science is the most effective way of “knowing” that humans have, and the purpose of the march was primarily to demand that our government stop ignoring science in promoting and shaping policy. Both of those messages were expressed loudly and frequently during both the rally and the march itself.” - Stephen Trombulek

Did you join the march? Do you plan to engage in post-march efforts toward the recognition of science and evidence-based policies? SCB North America would like to hear your thoughts via this short survey.

What’s next?

March for Science lists ways to engage now and into the future as a united front, calling for science that upholds the common good and for political leaders and policy-makers to enact evidence based policies in the public interest. Please see their website for details. 

Members of SCBNA and several other scientific organizations have made available a pre-print of their manuscript “Defending Scientific Integrity In Conservation Policy Processes: Lessons From Canada, Australia, And The United States.” Access the article and manuscript here.

Below are photos of SCB members participating in various marches around the world. Did you attend a March for Science? Send us your photos and we'll share them in the next newsletter!

Smith Fellow Chelsea Rochman speaking at Toronto's March for Science. Photo credit: Smith Fellow Emily Darling.

SCB President-Elect Adina Merenlender proudly displaying her sign. Photo credit: Merenlender Lab, Facebook.

SCB staff members at the Washington DC March for Science. Left to right: Laure Cugnière, Shonda Foster and Matt Herbert. Photo credit: Shonda Foster.