Five Year Strategic Plan for the Society for Conservation Biology: 2006-2010


The Society for Conservation Biology (SCB) is a global community of professional conservation scientists and practitioners.

The SCB has grown tremendously since it was founded in 1985. Implementation of the goals identified by the Board of Governors in 1999 led to remarkable success with three major strategic initiatives: the establishment of the executive office (EO) in Washington DC, the creation of a new journal focused on conservation practitioners (Conservation), and the evolution of SCB into an international society.

The SCB Board of Governors has now developed a new strategic plan to build on our recent success by creating a common vision of the kind of international organization we want to be, revising our goals to reflect current opportunities and constraints, and identifying the key objectives we need to pursue to reach our revised goals. The strategic context in which the plan was developed draws on the organization’s past successes and challenges, particularly the result of its global expansion during the last five years. Our recent efforts to internationalize have greatly expanded our reach and taxed our limited staff capacity. The plan also reflects the SCB’s understanding of the needs of its current members and projections of future trends and needs in conservation science.

Expanding the Impact of Conservation Science is an outline for building the next generation of publications, programs, and services that will deliver added value to a growing and diverse body of conservation scientists and practitioners around the world. The plan provides strategic direction and high-level parameters to guide the SCB’s work over the next five years. The EO, committees, and sections will develop specific implementation plans (work plans) that address the activities required to achieve our goals and objectives.

The following goals and objectives are parameters that will guide programmatic development and build the capacity necessary to maximize the SCB’s impact while maintaining financial stability and organizational growth in the coming five years. Appendix 1 provides a description of the factors affecting the strategic planning effort, such as strategic drivers and assumptions. Appendix 2 identifies the members of the SCB Strategic Planning Committee.

SCB now has over 9000 members in 120 countries around the world. Together this community of conservation professionals is working to advance the science and practice of conserving the Earth’s biological diversity. By achieving the goals and objectives articulated in this plan we believe we will enhance the impact of conservation science in pursuit of our mission.

SCB Board of Governors
Approved July 15, 2005

September 2005

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