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Green Investing

Defining the Issue:

"Green" certification within an industry or investment approach does not necessarily ensure that biodiversity is considered or protected. By helping to leverage the investments of responsible corporations, investors, and consumers we can reduce our environmental footprint and move biodiversity policies more effectively.  SCB has identified several key questions for improving the conservation of biodiversity through responsible investment:

  1. What are the most accessible and effective biodiversity-enhancing investment options available to organizations and individuals?
  2. How can SCB inform investors about the impacts to biodiversity from different investment choices?
  3. How can employees be given more environmentally friendly retirement investment options?

How SCB Works on Green Investing Issues:

The portion of the stock market that professes to be socially and environmentally responsible has been among the fastest growing sectors in recent years. SCB and its members can help lead a powerful new wave of constructive engagement for conservation by bringing biodiversity-friendly investment choices to these conservation-oriented, investment programs. SCB has flagged this issue of responsible investment at several international treaty negotiations including the Convention on Biological Diversity and the  Rio+20 meeting in June 2012.   In addition, the policy program has begun to collaborate with the SCB Ecological Footprint Committee in order to enhance each other’s work.

How You Can Get Involved:

SCB has begun to assemble volunteer task forces of SCB members to help the society address each of its five policy priorities.  If you would like to volunteer to work on SCB’s Green Investing task force, please contact the policy director.

Green Investing Resources: